June 13, 2024

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At least eight people were killed and many more were injured at the concert

Authorities said the play followed a scene of panic in front of a stage.

At least eight people have died at the AstroWorld Music Festival in Houston, Texas from Friday to Saturday. Officials and several U.S. media reports. Local firefighters say “many people were injured” during the meeting.

“At least eight deaths have been confirmed for us tonight and many more are injured,” he said, adding that 17 people were taken to hospital, including 11 who suffered heart attacks. “Some are only 10 years old” among the injured.

“People were injured, some began to fall”

At 9:15 pm local time, “the crowd began to compress towards the front of the stage”, Fire Chief Samuel Pena told a news conference. “It caused some panic and more people were injured, some started to fall and get out, which caused more panic.”

In panic, people lost sight of some of their loved ones, Police have created a meeting place So everyone can come and report the missing person.

An investigation is underway to find out what actually happened.

The event was hosted by American rapper Travis Scott. Houston Police Chief Troy Finner assured a news conference that he and his team “cooperated with us.”

Salome Vincent with AFP

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