May 27, 2024

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Attacks in Kabul: “We will hunt you down and pay the price”, Biden promised Dashi

Joe Biden left the silence this Thursday evening The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base, 12 of U.S. troops killed, and More than ten Afghan civilians. “The Dash team was responsible for this attack that killed so many American and Afghan lives this evening,” he began in a very sacred tone. “These are American servants who sacrificed their lives. They are heroes who worked to save other lives. They took part in a flight that saved more than 100,000 people, including 7,000, in the last 12 hours,” the U.S. president said. These soldiers are part of the bravest army in the world. I have the backbone of the United States, ”the White House tenant continued. “Like many other soldiers who died in this fight against terrorism, they are one of the greatest heroes in American history.”

“We’re both Jill (teacher note, his wife) and I’m angry and upset.” We know, like everyone else, the pain of losing a loved one, and we feel this emptiness, the black hole in the middle of his chest, ”he said, referring to the death of one of his cancer patients. Iraq, affected by the aftermath.

“We will continue this work”

Second, the “commander” wore his warrior uniform. “We will not forgive, we will not forget. We are going to hunt you down and pay the price,” he said, drawing the attention of those involved in the attack and the jihadist supporters of the Islamic State. The United States will not be intimidated, ”he clarified. I have repeatedly told them (Editor’s note, to US military officials) that they must do everything possible to protect our soldiers in Kabul. “

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Donald Trump’s winner continued to read the situation and choose to leave Afghanistan quickly. “I wanted our mission to be as short as possible, for these reasons are related to the danger posed by terrorism. We can complete this mission. We will not be deterred by terrorists. We will continue this mission. I hope our troops will protect our Afghan allies. He will re-elect his political choice.” Justified.

Violent response from Trump and Republicans

Some Democrats have recently criticized the US president for sticking to the August 31 deadline. While some continue to call for the military to be “taken away”, a majority of lawmakers in his party have rallied behind Joe Biden.

In the Republican Party, the tone is very different. His silence has been collectively condemned by lawmakers since the news of the morning attack fell, and even some close to Donald Trump, like him in recent days, have called for Joe Biden to resign. “This tragedy should never have happened, it only deepens our grief and is very difficult to understand,” the former president lamented in a statement.

While he was still president, he negotiated a deal with the Taliban in February 2020, which provided for the withdrawal of foreign troops as early as May 1, 2021. Sen. Mitch McConnell, the leader of the Republican Minorities, thundered against the announcement on Thursday, saying, “This deadly attack is a clear reminder that terrorists will not stop fighting the United States because they are tired of fighting the United States. “

“I am concerned that after the attack by the Islamic State group, terrorists around the world will be emboldened by our retreat, this attack and the establishment of a radical Islamic terrorist state in Afghanistan.” Fifteen American soldiers were also wounded. Republican minority leader Kevin McCarthy on Thursday hastily recalled Democrat leader Nancy Pelosi to Washington before Aug. 31.

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The House and Senate are in parliamentary recess until September. However, in recent days, members of parliament have been repeatedly informed by senior officials of Joe Biden’s administration that various parliamentary committees “will continue to arrange explanations on Afghanistan,” says Nancy Pelosi.