May 27, 2024

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Britain has admitted that 100 bodies of women and children were raped at the morgue

In addition to the two murders committed nearly 30 years ago, David Fuller abused hundreds of corpses in mortuaries using his status as an electrician in hospitals. The case made headlines in the UK when it was reported by several English media outlets.

Infamous, infamous … These words are not strong enough to describe the actions of David Fuller, who was arrested in the south of England in late 2020. During his trial on Thursday, November 4, 67, the elderly man confessed to killing two women in 1987 and then raping them.

But that’s not all. A former electrician in hospitals, he used his profession a few weeks ago to go to the mortuaries of these companies and confessed to raping 44 corpses. Investigators believe that David Fuller committed these acts on hundreds of women after their deaths. 81 victims of these heinous acts have already been identified. 100 years for senior and 9 years for junior.

Not to worry, David Fuller would have done the unspeakable for at least 12 years. After his arrest, Kent police recovered 14 million images of sexual abuse on computers and hard drives, some of which were dead bodies. The person recorded the details of his actions in a diary.

The British law enforcement agency has set up a helpline for relatives of women victims of David Fuller’s atrocities. This is the first case in Great Britain.