June 13, 2024

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Burning clouds, ash rain … All pictures of the eruption of the Chemeru volcano that killed at least 14 people in Indonesia

On Saturday, December 5, a volcanic eruption on the island of Java (Indonesia) killed at least 14 people.

The eastern part of the island of Java was hit by the Chemeru volcano on Saturday. The disaster killed at least 14 Indonesians and injured about 60 others.

In some cases, the losses were caused by the negligence of the villagers who were initially compelled to be affected by the floods and did not take precautionary measures to evacuate. Others fled as soon as the first fire clouds appeared.

A few hours later, the first gray rain began to fall on the island, darkening the atmosphere.

#Indonesia ud83c uddee ud83c ud83c udf0b It was getting dark in the afternoon on the island of Java, which turned into day and night. Sun light. pic.twitter.com/gPSOV8GZRu

– Jean-Louis David (Jean_Louis89) December 5, 2021

ud83c udf0b ud83c uddee ud83c udde9 – Volcano at the top of the mountain # செமேரு.
– Recent report: The blast killed 14 people and injured at least 56, of which 41 suffered burns, the Disaster Management Agency said in a statement. [Images du 5 décembre 2021]pic.twitter.com/1UiYatiMEX

– u24c3 u24ba u24cc u24c8— u24be u24c3 u24c9 · ۰ • u25cf ud83c udf10 (eNewsInt_) December 5, 2021

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