Canada restructures the COVID-19 vaccine roll to target leading workers – National

Canada is making its change COVID-19 The vaccination campaign, which targets leading workers, often strays from the age-based roll as the country tries to get a grip on the third wave of the epidemic.

Canada’s approach has so far left so-called “essential workers”, such as day care providers, bus drivers and butchers, all at risk of spreading COVID-19. The provinces are now trying to adjust their strategy to deal with the upsurge driven by new variations.

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Leading healthcare professionals in Canada look back on COVID-19’s ‘roller coaster’ year

Caroline Colliz, a mathematician and epidemiologist at Simon Fraser University, says that if Canada wants to bring its third wave under control, it is important to target leading workers and face the risk of aggression, modeled on Canadian immunization strategies. [in the vaccine rollout plan], The best. “

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Initially, long-term care for Canada vaccines was a priority for residents and staff, as well as the elderly, health workers, people living in remote communities, and indigenous peoples.

Leading health workers are emotional ahead of the one-year anniversary of COVID-19

COVID-19 – Leading health workers are emotional ahead of the one-year anniversary of March 11, 2021

An epidemic that has devastated long-term care homes in Canada is targeting age-appropriate vaccinations, Colligen said. But now, immunization for those at high risk brings the greatest benefit.

“If you protect these people, you are protecting someone under the age of 60. The only danger is when they go shopping.… Types are here now.

Data released Tuesday from the Institute of Clinical and Evolutionary Science indicate that COVID-19 infections have the lowest vaccination rates in the vicinity of Toronto, which underscores vaccine imbalances.

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‘This is a Jagannath’

On Wednesday, Ontario Premier Duck Ford announced plans to target mobile vaccination clinics COVID-19 “hotspots” and high-risk workplaces, although he has stopped paying people to get the shot.

Kareem Gurji, a health medical officer in the North York region of Toronto, is moving from safety to crime as the vaccine priority shifts to the risk of spreading with age.

“This is a Jaguar in terms of immunizations, it takes a lot of effort to turn it around,” Gurji said.

Click to play video: 'Leading health workers feel the physical and emotional number of COVID-19 infections'

Leading health care workers who are aware of the physical and emotional number of COVID-19 infections

Leading health care workers aware of the physical and emotional number of COVID-19 infections – March 10, 2021

Meanwhile, officials in the western province of Alberta say they are vaccinating more than 2,000 workers at the Kargil meat-packing plant on the High River, one of Canada’s largest COVID-19 eruptions. Provincial officials said in a statement that they expect the pilot to expand to other plants.

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Quebec will begin vaccinating essential workers such as education, child care and public safety in Montreal, where environs with high vaccination rates are among those with the lowest infection rates.

From an epidemic perspective, health experts say those who do high-risk work are more likely to be poor, non-white and new Canadians. Those who are paid to be tested or vaccinated are less likely to stay home when they are sick and more likely to live in crowded or multi-unit homes. Experts say they should prioritize vaccination and address their vaccine barriers.

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Calls for vaccination of leading workers in factories are on the rise in distribution centers in Ontario

Naheed Dosani, a Toronto immunotherapist and health justice activist, said making vaccines available to high-risk communities is not enough, without facing barriers to access.

“COVID-19 and the victim’s face have changed dramatically. These differences have been captured in communities where essential workers live. This is a step in the right direction and will save lives.”

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