June 21, 2024

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China and the United States announced a surprise deal in the final stages of the Glasgow Climate Conference

Will you be born again in Glasgow? China and the United States, the world’s leading emitters of greenhouse gases, announced a surprise deal on Wednesday, November 10, two days before the planned end of COP26. In which “Joint Declaration to Strengthen Climate Action”, Beijing and Washington do without the most precise details “Take Strengthened Measures to Raise Ambitions by 2020”, Reaffirms their commitment to the objectives of the Paris Agreement.

The two major world powers, whose rivalry seems to have expanded in the field of climate diplomacy in recent months, are also committed to working in Glasgow. “An ambitious, balanced and inclusive effect on mitigation (low emissions), adaptation and support” Funding for poor countries.

As this deal is appreciated “An important step in the right direction” By UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres “Beyond the COP, it’s important to the world.”, Answered Franz Timmermans, vice president of the European Commission.

Early Wednesday morning, after 10 days of deliberations, the British Presidency of the COP released the first draft of the Final Declaration calling on all countries to strengthen and expedite climate stabilization to meet the objectives of the Paris Agreement. The text has provoked mixed reactions, especially from poor countries, who insist that the rich keep their promise of help.

The program invites countries “Edit and Strengthen” National contributions from 2022 set their short-term obligations. Encourages countries “Accelerate Exit from Coal and Fossil Fuel Fund”. Such explicit reference to the fossil fuels responsible for most emissions is unprecedented and not particularly in the Paris Agreement. But it promises to be hotly contested, especially by producing countries, until the end of the final text.

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The burning issue of funding, text “Relief from grief” Developed countries have failed to deliver on their promise of raising $ 100 billion a year in seasonal aid to poor countries from 2020 onwards. The text is still under negotiation and may change at the end of the COP, scheduled for Friday but may be extended.