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Colin Staff, Iam Tonji and Megan Daniel fight for the title [UPDATING LIVE BLOG] – Gold Derby

Colin Staff, Iam Tonji and Megan Daniel fight for the title [UPDATING LIVE BLOG] – Gold Derby

Tonight on “American Idol,” the season’s three-hour coast-to-coast finale, featuring special performances from music legends and the top artists of the day, with the top 3 finalists appearing on stage for the last time as America decides who will become the next American Idol winner. Idol. will Colin StaffAnd Iam Tongan or Megan Daniel crowned winner? Emmy award winner Ryan Seacrest She hosts the reality television competition series for the sixth season of the show on ABC and season 21 overall.

Tune in with our updated live blog on Sunday, May 21 (8:00 PM ET / 5:00 PM PT) as we interact with the Top 3 Shows and reveal the winner.

The list of featured artists includes the return of the former Idol judge Keith Urban (singing “Wild Heart”), who will also instruct each of the finalists. Entering the stage is also confirmed Clay Aiken & Robin StoddardAnd Ellie GoldingAnd James BluntAnd Jasmine SullivanAnd candy nameAnd Kevin CroninAnd Kylie MinogueAnd Lenny WilsonAnd Lauren DaigleAnd pitbull And TLC!

In addition to the judges Luke BryanAnd Kate Berry And Lionel Richie Each of them will sing their own songs. Top 12 riders of the season incl Wee AnnieAnd Zacharias SmithAnd Haven MadisonAnd Oliver SteeleAnd Warren PyeAnd Marybeth ByrdAnd Tyson VenegasAnd Lucy Love And Notsa will also perform.

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20:00 Previously on “American Idol”! The Top 5 performed two songs each for the Disney Night theme song. Wé Ani and Zachariah Smith were eliminated at the end of the episode. Who will win America in tonight’s finale? Let’s find out!

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8:08 p.m – Pitbull & Lil’ Jon get this party going with their “Jumpin'” performance. The Top 12 then join Pitbull on his song “Give Me It All” before Ryan introduces the judging panel.

8:13 p.m Megan is the first, and she gets emotional during her relationship with Keith. He says she’s putting too much pressure on herself, which can be crippling, and gives her some advice. His song “God Whispers Your Name” serves as its opening number. The message of the lyrics matches the kind of artist we know she wants to be. I’m not familiar with the song, but it gives off a solid sound. Lionel says her voice has “natural barbecue sauce.” Their work as judges, Katie says, is “done.” Luke says he hasn’t heard her miss a note all year and calls Megan “inspirational.”

8:20 p.m Next is Iam singing “Making Memories for Us”. This song from Keith pulls on heartstrings, which has become Iam’s signature. “It moves us so much,” Katie says every time he sings. Luke calls Iam’s voice “a natural gift from God.” The greatest part of his being, Lionel says, is that he is “a great storyteller.”

8:30 p.m – Colin is finally ours, singing “Stupid Boy.” This song is right in his cockpit and he’s playing his guitar in a cowboy hat and leather jacket. It seems at home. Luke says that Colin has grown too far from the kid he auditioned for. Lionel tells him to “enjoy the ride” and they are proud of him. Katie says it’s still only at 60% and when it gets to 100% in the real world it gets hot!

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8:43 p.m — with a dedication in her hometown of Douglasville, Georgia, Megan sings “Sincerely” by L.J a trip. Within about 30 seconds Katie was crying. She gives Power Song some country grit, but doesn’t forget to sprinkle it with a little singer dust. Katie says she “exceled this season” and Luke says it was one of the best performances of the season.

8:56 p.m – With a dedication in his hometown of Kahuku, Hawaii, Iam sings “Cool Down” by the artist Koloh Kay. It’s beautiful island vibe definitely puts me in the mood for a Hawaii vacation. Katie says, “You bring culture to American Idol.” Watching the village where Iam grew up celebrate him “was absolutely amazing,” says Lionel.

9:08 p.m — at a dedication in his hometown of Amory, Mississippi, Colin sings “Either Way” by Chris Stapleton. It started out a little low, but once the chorus hit, Colin found his groove. You must play this song directly at his base. Luke says he “kicked her in the back” and Katie calls it his “sweet spot”.

9:22 p.m — Lucy Love took the stage with TLC for a fun mix of “No Scrubs,” “Creep,” and “Waterfalls.” Next, Zacharias Smith hits the stage with REO Speed ​​WagonKevin Cronin, “Take It On the Run.” Then, after two shows each, it was time to eliminate someone in third place. Dim the lights! Ryan announces that the third-place finisher is… Colin Staff.

9:35 p.m – Jelly Roll and Lainey Wilson perform “Save Me” before moving on to his next single, “Need a Favor”. The all-star performance continues with Kylie Minogue singing “Padam Padam” and “Can’t Get You Out of My Head” with a little help from Nutsa.

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9:55 p.m – Lionel is now on stage with his own song “Sail On”, joined by the Top 12 as a backup singer. After a commercial hiatus, Keith Urban performs his new single, Wild Hearts. James Blunt then joined Iam for an emotional duet on Iam’s demo single, “Monsters”. I can hardly get the words out and the whole audience is crying.

10:07 p.m – Ellie Goulding takes to the stage to promote her single “Miracle” Calvin Harris. She is also joined by Tyson Venegas on her song “Burn”. Then Lauren Daigle returns, singing “These Are the Days” before Megan joins her on “Thank God I Do”.

10:20 p.m – Luke intends to sing his new song, “But I Got a Beer in My Hand.” Colin then joins him to sing “Slow Hand”. Conway Twitty. Then Jazmine Sullivan took to the stage singing “Bust Your Windows” with Wé Ani, who looks gorgeous alongside the Grammy winner.

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