April 14, 2024

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'Dune: Part 2' sees $170 million global opening: box office

'Dune: Part 2' sees $170 million global opening: box office

We've been waiting for this for some time.

Unless you've been living under a rock, Legendary Entertainment and Warner Bros. Sand Dunes: Part Two It opens this weekend in what represents a much-needed jolt of testosterone at a box office that has been affected by title delays due to double-takes. So far, the 2024 annual domestic box office has yet to exceed $1 billion with just $866.3 million through Sunday, -18% behind January 1-February. 25 frames a year ago. Multi-Oscar winner Denis Villeneuve's 2021 sequel to Frank Herbert's classic novel could see huge success. $170 million global opening – This is divided into 85 million dollars90 million dollars Outside and another 80 million dollars On the high end in US/Canada (Warners conservatively expects 65 million dollarsbut most exhibitors and tracking services see closer to $80 million).

Content is king. Sand Dunes: Part Two At $190 million it was largely financed by Legendary, however, Warner Bros. It has a low double-digit share of the picture. Warners will get a small share of the box office and also the distribution fee. Warner Bros. spent on global marketing in a campaign run by Warner marketing expert Josh Goldstine; Money to be recovered in the downstream waterfall. However, Twilight will give some shine to David Zaslav's beleaguered Warner Bros Discovery company with its stock price at $8.60 (at the time of writing), which will hopefully rise next week. The recent fourth quarter was tempered by strikes and a lackluster advertising market. However, Zaslav promised that “we have an offensive plan for 2024” that includes “a more robust creative pipeline across our film and TV studios.” Well, here come the sandworms.

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Note that a $65M-$80M domestic opening would be a wonder higher than 2021's $41M domestic opening. Sand dunes which saw ticket sales drained by a day-and-date theatrical release on the streaming service HBO Max in early October of that year. Still Sand dunes It is one of the few day-and-date titles to surpass $100 million at the domestic box office, and only one of two alongside Legendary's Godzilla vs. Kong To cross 400 million US dollars worldwide. It was one of the few films that became a hit in homes and theaters, but it certainly left money on the table.

CAPTION: (From left) Stellan Skarsgård as Baron Vladimir Harkonnen and Austin Butler as Vid Rotha Harkonnen in the Warner Bros.  Pictures and legendary action adventure

Warner Bros.

This confidence in the US stems from advance ticket sales that are heavily skewed towards fans and premium formats like IMAX and PLF. Sources tell us that as of last Friday, Sand Dunes: Part Two It collected $18 million in advance ticket sales ($11.5 million of which from the first three circuits). Fandango is at around 200k which is a little under rated Jurassic World: Sovereignty ($145 million opening) and before that Oppenheimer ($82.4 million). Sand Dunes: Part TwoPre-sales are also in line Guardians of the Galaxy: Vol. 3. However, industry sources aren't cutting their skis: While these types of presales point to an opening worth more than $100 million in… Sand Dunes: Part Two, The challenge is that non-featured sales are okay for the space opera of Zendaya, Timothée Chalamet, Austin Butler and Florence Pugh. This is currently bringing the estimate down to $80 million in the US vicinity.

But there are more indicators for Sand Dunes: Part Two For Outperformance: The film received excellent reviews with a 97% certified fresh vs. 83% certified fresh for the first film on Rotten Tomatoes with critics from Los Angeles Times Declared “an instant landmark of its kind” and New York Post “Our mega-drought is over, thanks to a fantastic sequel set on a sweltering desert planet,” he beamed.

Sand Dunes: Part Two It is booked in 4,050 theaters in the US/Canada with 3,400 locations showing in Thursday previews. Last Sunday already generated $2 million from the Imax Fans First event which will be rolled into Thursday's number. The movie will play in all premium formats, like Screen X, Dolby, D-Box, and the list goes on.

Sand Dunes: Part Two It begins rolling out overseas on Wednesday, starting in France, Korea, Italy and Scandinavia. On Thursday, it adds 42 markets including Germany, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and all of Latin America. On Friday, Spain and the UK join the game to complete the total international launch in 71 markets.

As far as the $85 million-$90 million overseas opening price goes, there is of course some wiggle room. We're looking at a film saddled with a kind of savior badge, but it can also skew adult which means the need to watch – despite the lack of new in recent weeks – could mean a slower burn. However, with Zendaya and her outlandish outfits appearing on red carpets all over the world, the play here versus the first film will hopefully be a little younger, and that may account for the larger numbers. Here in the US/Canada, we hear that Sand Dunes: Part Two It is overwhelmingly masculine (the first film attracted 61% of men).

In proverbial markets, Dune has been profitable in 2021 $52.5 million Overseas in the open and on exchanges today. At the time, Warners released the film in select markets after its premiere at the Venice Film Festival, then held back some of it to move away from a James Bond film. No time to die. Remember, we lived in a completely different world back then. Covid was still raging in some areas, and there was also the annoying local day-and-date Max release that made it necessary for the international community to step up to avoid piracy.

Other companies we hear are One ready player At $53 million at today's prices, Mission Impossible – Dead Reckoning Part 1 With $85 million in its pure opening weekend, Warner Bros. 2022 Batman Which was released on the same weekend as Sand Dunes: Part Two With $109 million in likes for likes at today's prices. For reference when it comes to IMAX for everything, Oppenheimer It opened with $114 million in the same markets at today's prices.

despite of Sand Dunes: Part Two It won't be released in China until March 8, and the first film will be re-released this coming weekend in an attempt to drum up interest. Sand Dunes: Part One It has similarly been re-released in about 60 markets through the end of this week. For the second part, Japan joins on March 15 and the Middle East (excluding the UAE and Lebanon which launch this weekend) on April 11. Part of the Middle East will remain under preview for seven days starting this week, then will remain dark during Ramadan before the official opening on April 11.

A series of outdoor screenings of fan events were held in places such as Mexico City, Paris and Seoul, with the official world premiere taking place in London on February 15.