April 16, 2024

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European navies maneuver in China

Story – For the first time in nearly twenty years, a German warship has arrived in Japan, soon to sail off the coast of China. Trapped in the Sino-US conflict, Europe is still seeking its place in the Indo-Pacific region.

In the Gulf of Tokyo, “Red RaysThe rising sun flag“Float a short distance from the black, red and gold tricolor bars of the Deutsche Marine. It has been almost twenty years since German and Japanese pavilions were exhibited together in the region. The warship took to such an encounter BayernArrived in the Japanese capital on Friday, November 5, departing from Wilhelmshaven in Lower Saxony last August 2 and embarking on a journey eastward following a route well known to European navies.

Crossing the Mediterranean, crossing the Suez Canal, coming to the Red Sea, and then into the Indian Ocean … then the routes vary according to the voyages, but usually towards Japan, the last stop before returning to Europe. The French Navy and Royal Navy have been consistently stationed in the Indo-Pacific region and have been increasingly sustainable in recent years. Still being closely watched by the Chinese navy – The highest in the world -, their ships sail regularly in the South China Sea, almost entirely claimed by Beijing, and do not hesitate to cross the Strait of Taiwan, in the name of the protection of sacred international policy.Freedom of navigation.

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