December 1, 2023

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The man who was stabbed in Bavaria has been admitted to a psychiatric hospital

German authorities announced on Sunday, November 7, that the Syrian writer was in the mental custody of A.J. Four people were injured in a stabbing attack on a train the previous day, Except for an Islamic path.

The 27-year-old Syrian political refugee, who arrived in the country in 2014, has completed his first expert assessment of the culprit. “Illusion and paranoia schizophrenia” And a strong lack of criminal liability, Nuremberg-F├╝rth’s attorney in charge, Gerhard Neuhof, told reporters.

The young man said he felt he was being watched and tried to drive himself insane in this way, and the lawyer said he had not been subjected to any specific police action. He said more choices were pending.

There are no elements that support an Islamic stimulus

“No element in the direction of Islamic motivation”, Said local police chief Sabin Nagal.

The facts occurred on a German high-speed train carrying 208 passengers between Bavaria (south) and Hamburg (north) on Saturday morning. The perpetrator suddenly attacked the passengers in a car, injuring approximately four men aged 26 and 60, including head injuries.

Several passengers later tried to stop Syria and gave first aid to the wounded, according to officials, paying tribute to them. “Citizen Courage”. The man was eventually arrested without protest. He had a bloody knife during a police search of him.

Investigators have now rediscovered the personal journey of a Syrian refugee. The day before the attack, the man lost his job and in 2020 he was convicted of petty fraud.

“This knife attack is horrible”, Home Minister Horst Seehofer responded. Although traces of terrorism have been ruled out, these facts took place in a tense environment in Germany, which has faced several jihadi attacks in recent years.

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In June 2020, a 21-year-old Syrian man was sentenced to life in prison in Dresden for stabbing a gay man and severely injuring his comrade, claiming to be part of an Islamic State organization.

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