May 27, 2024

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Flat tire scandal: What you need to know about this new scam

During these holidays, motorists are asked to be careful and not fall prey to “wide tire” fraud.

To do this prank, two cheaters are needed. The first is to report a faulty problem on one wheel to a motorist, the latter will be stopped. When you ask him for help to change a wheel, he should reveal the problem in his vehicle and distract the victim. She is so focused on her work that she can’t get the optimal view of her own vehicle.

When the second partner comes into operation. In fact, the latter should take advantage of this distraction to get into the victim’s vehicle and steal all the valuables that are there.

Police, in the face of these increasing misconduct, are advised to be extremely vigilant and advise users to contact them on the road, noting their interlocutor’s profile such as license plate number.

Catalan police are on high alert

In Catalonia, Mozambique, the local police, is especially called upon to deal with these crimes. They recently arrested two people in this act. One of the two culprits amassed 106 “flat tire frauds.”

Catalan police posted a video on their Twitter account explaining how the scam unfolds, before reminding them to be extra vigilant during this period of prolonged traffic on the region’s highways.

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