March 4, 2024

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In Afghanistan, the Taliban announced a “general amnesty” for civil servants

The Taliban announced on Tuesday, August 17, a “Public Apology” All state officials were called back to work two days after seizing power in Afghanistan, thanks to a lightning strike. A general apology has been announced for all (…)So you have to start all over again with full confidence. “The Taliban said in a statement.

There are still discussions going on to formalize the seizure of power by the Taliban, who have given many messages to the international community that the Afghans have nothing to fear. But many Afghans fear that the same extremist version of Islamic law will be imposed when they rule the country between 1996 and 2001. Women cannot work or study. Wearing a burqa in public places was mandatory and they could not leave the house except for one person Mahram, The male chaperone of their family.

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Taliban Entered the capital, Kabul, without shedding blood, Sunday. But their success was palpable Panic scenes at Kabul airportThousands of people tried to leave the country. The only way out of the country is Hamid-Karzai International Airport, where the Taliban now control all other airports in the region and all land borders.

Joe Biden blamed Afghan leaders

Videos posted on social media showed chaotic scenes of hundreds of people running on the runway near a U.S. military transport plane, with some trying to stick to the device.

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At least five civilians were killed at the airport on Monday, but it is not known if they were shot or pushed. A U.S. official said two gunmen suspected of firing on a crowd were shot dead by GIs.

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On Monday, US President Joe Biden, He strongly defended the decision to withdraw US troops from Afghanistan. Targeted for sharp criticism, he reiterated that Washington’s goal was never to build a democratic nation in an unstable country.“Prevent terrorist attack on American soil”. The United States intervened in Afghanistan in 2001 after the Taliban refused to extradite al Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden after the September 11, 2001 attacks.

Mr Biden also questioned Afghan leaders. “Could not negotiate for the future of their country”, Who owns “I gave up and ran away”. “US forces can not fight and die in a war that Afghan forces do not want to do to themselves.”He acknowledged that the fall of the Afghan government was rapid ” That [l’administration américaine ne l’avait] Predictable “.

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Arrival of the first French expatriates in the Emirates

The United States said Monday that its relations with Afghanistan would depend on it “Behavior of the Taliban”. “The future government of Afghanistan is defending the fundamental rights of its people (…), Including half of its population – its wives and daughters – [et] It will not harbor terrorists. ” There is “The government we can work with”State Department spokesman Nate Price said.

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On Monday, China was the first country to announce its intention to maintain “Friendships” With the Taliban. Russia and Iran have also made overt gestures.

Washington has sent 6,000 troops to protect Kabul airport and evacuate about 30,000 U.S. and Afghan civilians who have collaborated with the United States. The planes, civilians and soldiers, were stopped by floodwaters on Monday afternoon and reopened overnight, the Pentagon announced. Mr Biden threatened the Taliban with a military response “Fast and powerful” If they interfere with evacuation activities.

From Madrid to The Hague, via Paris, Bucharest, London, many countries are working to repatriate their compatriots.

Thanks to a flight connecting the Afghan capital with the United Arab Emirates, France made its first exit overnight. The device, which left France on Monday, brought French special forces to take part in the evacuation operations to Kabul.

Le Monde with AFP and Reuters