June 25, 2024

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What is the way to the West?



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President Emmanuel Macron spoke about the situation in Afghanistan on Monday, August 16, but what place is there for maneuvering in the West?

President Emmanuel Macron spoke on Monday, August 16, after the Taliban seized power in Afghanistan. Journalist understandable speech In the collection of the Etienne Leanhard 20 Fஸ்urs de France 2 newspaper: “LAnti-terrorism cooperation between Western countries is very comprehensive and effective. To the question of Afghanistan, the room for maneuver is very narrow. At the military level in the first place, this withdrawal failure, planned for the end of August, put a certain number of countries at risk of being vaccinated for a long time to take part in counter-terrorism operations in Afghanistan. The United States no longer wants to be involved in this kind of terrain.

“A diplomatic lever, one of the questions that will soon arise is whether we should maintain diplomatic relations with the new force being set up in Kabul, or whether France and the EU should cut ties. He recalled that it was a red line, and on a much broader, political level, the images we have seen of this people’s evening sticking to all the talk of the West on long-awaited flights to Afghanistan, no doubt will take a long time to recover this debt., Cites journalist France Télévisions.