May 21, 2024

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Four shots were fired at Super U Vigil

The first of these four days of interrogation of the three accused began with an investigation by Gendermary investigators and later by political experts. After recalling the facts of President Michael Keru, The three defendants were called to take a stand on the charges against them.

Anthony Robert, 28, defended by Me Goorges-Andre Hoarau and Me Marie Briot, acknowledges the robbery of the Tamarins total station, the robbery of Saint-Paul super U and the shooting of a security guard, but refuses to sort out the facts. Biden Saint-Liu.

The other six facts are separated by the non-use of weapons

Ludovic Fontaine, a 33-year-old accomplice of M. Sebastien Navarro, acknowledges all the facts of his allegations and is concerned that he was with Anthony Robert. The third accused, Charles Latzimi, 47, argued by Jean-Jacques Morale, denies everything.

For the record, all three of these facts, valued at Assisi, are part of a series of nine facts in total, most of which are theft of security items. The other six facts are separated by the lack of a weapon. Knowing that their common points were Ludovic Fontaine and Anthony Robert they were on probation or will be convicted.

“Thin shape on paper worn like a baby”

The task of cross-examining the bundle of clues carried out by Gendermary’s investigators made it possible to quickly get to the culprits after the Super U robbery. The two firefighters saw them together and they ran away “A thin pattern on baby-worn paper”. Following a report, they withdrew this information which was not published in the press and can only be known by the authors. After reading the phone and clothing habits, they decided that the two accused could be in police custody to answer questions about their schedule. The rest are known.

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Four shots were fired at Super U Vigil

Ballistic experts are unanimous: four shots were fired with a 12mm caliber rifle in the direction of the Super U guard. The first shot was in the air and burned him lightly about 8m away. The next two were shot from 5m away and injured his abdomen and the front of his right arm. Finally, with a rubber band, he was shot in the thigh. “Possibly, all shots can be dangerous except for the first shot upwards”, The expert tells the court. That is not to say that they were shot with the same weapon.

30 years in prison for attempted murder

After this first day, the defendants will be given three days to convince the jurors of the Assis Court of Saint-Denis the sincerity of the statements regarding their involvement. Anthony Robert Rudolf faces up to 30 years in prison for attempted murder on Blacknock. Ludovic Fontaine and Charles Latchimy, who have repeatedly stated the facts of their allegations, face up to 20 years in prison.