April 14, 2024

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France, Paris angrily break Australia’s 56 billion deal

Australians announce wide-ranging security partnership with US and UK in Indo-Pacific

The United States, Australia and the United Kingdom, which are seeking to strengthen its alliance with China in all directions, announced a broader defense alliance in the Indo-Pacific region on Wednesday, including the distribution of a submarine nuclear power plant in Canberra. The immediate effect of this wonderful announcement: Australia has broken a major agreement with France to supply conventional submarines, Annoying Paris.

“(This new deal) is AUKUS ‘first major effort to supply nuclear submarines to Australia,” Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison said in a video conference with his British counterpart Boris. At an event chaired by Joe Biden at the White House.

According to Paris, “regrettable”

France, Who sees the $ 90 billion (56 56 billion) contract slipping from its shipbuilding industry?According to a joint statement from the Ministries of Defense and Foreign Affairs, the “regrettable decision” and “contrary to the letter and the prevailing spirit of cooperation between France and Australia” were immediately blamed.

Paris is not sure if it will comfort itself with the compromising remarks of Joe Biden, who on Wednesday pledged that the US would “work closely with France” in this strategic zone. He said Paris was “America’s key partner.” “The UK, Australia and the United States are getting closer, which reflects the level of trust between us and the depth of our friendship,” Boris Johnson said. Isolation after Brexit.

“Based on the general history of maritime democracies, we are committed to a common goal of supporting Australia to purchase nuclear-powered submarines,” the three allies said in a joint statement, which says it is really a question of motivation, not weapons.

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The decision by Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has angered Paris.

Tolka Akmen / AFP

The “deal of the century” was torpedoed

The announcement will indeed mark a cool moment for the alliance with France, as it has sometimes been dubbed the “treaty of the century” for the French defense industry. Selected by the French naval team Canberra in 2016 to deliver 12 conventional (non-nuclear) propulsion submarines derived from future French Barakuda nuclear submarines.

With a value of $ 50 billion (€ 31 billion) in the deal, the deal is currently valued at $ 90 billion, due to cost overruns and monetary effects. “The decision we have made not to pursue attack class submarines and to go the other way is not a change of mood, it is a change of need,” the Prime Minister explained on Thursday. Australian.