February 9, 2023

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Gérard Depardieu stopped singing at Antibes on March 4 and 5 due to conflict

Actor and singer Géard Depardieu was scheduled to sing Barbara at the Anthea Theater in Antibes. Concerts are postponed until the end of May.

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Due to the war in Ukraine, on March 4 and 5 Gerard Deportie stopped singing in Antibes. France Bleu Azur reports on Wednesday, March 2nd In the evening.

The actor and singer will have to sing Barbara at the Antia Theater, but reports suggest that he will not be considering the seriousness of the events between Russia and Ukraine. France Azure BlueR. Concerts are postponed until the end of May.

Russian-born actor from Vladimir Putin, known for his closeness to the Russian president Called “Stop arms and negotiate” In a statement on Tuesday, March 1st. “Russia and Ukraine have always been fraternal nations. I am against this fratricidal war.”Gérard Depardieu said.

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