June 26, 2024

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Google leaks the Pixel 8 Pro again with a 360-degree preview

Google leaks the Pixel 8 Pro again with a 360-degree preview

If you have any remaining questions about what the Pixel 8 Pro looks like, Google is here to answer them. The company has been put online 360 degree simulator It allows you to flip the device back to front and top to bottom, with helpful indicators indicating where the various sensors and ports are located. The simulator shows the phone in three colors and confirms that the Pixel 8 Pro will get a new temperature sensor on the back alongside the cameras.

The simulator was Spotted by Jose Rubin And Most notably, Mishaal Rahmanand they both posted about it on X. Google doesn’t seem to have posted a link to the website – but all you have to do is put the name of the new phone into the Google URL last New pixel and phone simulators appear. Presumably, it was posted online early on, and someone found it while searching.

A collection of images from Google’s Pixel 8 Pro simulator.
Pictures: Google

The simulator doesn’t include exact specs, so there’s still more room for Pixel leaks over the next month. And the standard Pixel 8 simulator doesn’t seem to be online yet.

Google samples show that the Pixel 8 Pro retains the SIM card slot. The phone appears in three colors: light blue, sandy “porcelain”, and black. There don’t seem to be any major software changes on the home screen — all mockups show Google’s favorite color-matching and traditional “at a glance” widgets.

Here are a bunch of screenshots of the simulator showing all the different features and color options from different angles:

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