May 21, 2024

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Greece, Canada, Austria … these countries target those who are not vaccinated through specific measures

With the introduction of the Vaccine Pass, France wants to strengthen restrictions on people who have not been vaccinated against Govt-19.

The desire to “blindly” vaccinate people is far from the monopoly of the French president. In an interview with Emmanuel Macron Parisian, Justified in its own way the need to introduce new health measures to combat the Govt-19 epidemic. The head of state specifically pointed out that those who refused to receive serum against the corona virus were accused of being “irresponsible”.

Faced with this population reluctance, opposition or hostility to be vaccinated, the executives decided to change the Health Pass to a Vaccine Pass. A disguised duty is aimed at forcing those who have not been vaccinated, if possible. However, France is far from the only country targeting those who have not been vaccinated under its latest restrictions. The perspective of these countries, which promote measures that complicate the lives of those who oppose the vaccine, is not exhaustive.

மது No alcohol and no cannabis in Quebec

As our colleagues report Echoes, Canadian authorities are considering various measures to encourage those who have not been vaccinated to receive serum. One of them is the idea of ​​snatching the unemployment benefit from those who refuse to be vaccinated against the corona virus. However, it is a measure that does not concern individuals who cannot be vaccinated for medical reasons.

Another measure specific to Quebec, this time adopted on Thursday: a ban on the sale of alcohol and cannabis to those who have not been vaccinated.

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A fine of 600 euros in Austria

While this is a strong incentive to get vaccinated, the vaccine pass is strictly not an obligation to vaccinate against Covit-19 in France. In our Austrian neighbors, this will soon become a reality.

Last November, as the country was reorganizing itself, President Alexander Shalenberg at the same time announced the introduction of the mandatory vaccine from February 1st. It was the first country in the European Union to establish it. After this date, those who do not get vaccinated will have to pay a fine of 600 euros every three months.

A monthly ticket in Greece

Although more than 16.5 million people have been vaccinated in the country of 10.7 million people, including nearly three million booster doses, Greek authorities have struggled to persuade people over the age of 60 to get vaccinated.

A fine of 100 euros a month has been imposed for convincing the elderly to get vaccinated at least once by January 16th. According to data provided by Our world in data, 66% of the Greek population has a complete vaccination schedule, a low rate compared to other European countries.

Those without transport facilities who have not been vaccinated in Italy

The Italian government on Wednesday decided to introduce a mandatory vaccine for everyone over the age of 50, in the face of a sharp rise in the number of Govt-19 infections. In detail, the mandate-law imposes a vaccination obligation on those who do not work over the age of 50 and requires everyone over the age of 50 who works in the public sector rather than the private sector to have a vaccination permit from February 15. .

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In fact, it is actually mandatory for everyone over the age of 50 to be vaccinated because the so-called “Reinforced Health Pass” vaccine in Italy is obtained only after a complete vaccination cycle or after recovering from covid disease.

On December 29, the government had already decided that the vaccination pass would be required from January 10 in transport, hotels, restaurant terraces, exhibitions and conferences and in swimming pools and gyms. Until now, to travel by train and plane, it was enough to have a “basic” health pass that could be obtained through the vaccine, but only through a negative test.

Suspension or dismissal from office in Latvia

In the fall of 2021, the Latvian government introduced restrictions on those reluctant to use the vaccine. There, an employer can now place an employee on compulsory leave and without pay. If he is not vaccinated after three months, he can finally be fired.

For example, the authorities have decided to suspend selected officers if they do not have a vaccination certificate and not pay them if they do not have proof of vaccination.

Higue Garnier with AFP BFMTV Reporter