May 18, 2024

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Guggenheim “did not authorize” Beyoncé's Cowboy Carter promotion at the museum

Guggenheim “did not authorize” Beyoncé's Cowboy Carter promotion at the museum

Promoting Beyoncé's upcoming album Cowboy Carter The album made its way to New York City museums on Wednesday night, roughly a week before its anticipated release.

Advertisements for the album, which is scheduled to be released on March 29, have been seen on display at several museums, including the Guggenheim Museum, the Whitney Museum, the New Museum and the Museum of Art and Design.

However, Guggenheim shared a statement with art News The institution “was not aware of this activation and did not authorize it.” However, we invite the public – including Beyoncé and her loyal fans – to visit the museum from May 16-20 when we present performances by artist Jenny Holzer on the façade of our iconic building to celebrate the grand opening of her exhibition.

The promotion displayed on the exterior of the Guggenheim Museum featured the phrases “This is not a country album. This is a country album.” This is Beyoncé's album, along with the album's title and release date. The lines refer to the Grammy Award-winning singer's Instagram post earlier this week, where she got candid about what led to the creation of The second law: Cowboy Carter Having previously not felt “welcome” in the country music genre.

On Wednesday, Beyoncé hinted at promotions for the new album when she posted the coordinates for the Guggenheim Museum on her Instagram account. Other museums reportedly had Cowboy Carter Cover Photo Projected on the facades of their buildings.

Fans quickly took to social media to share photos of the ads, which Guggenheim also acknowledged early Thursday morning by sharing one post on its official Instagram account and adding: “Hey @beyonce! [bee emoji]”.

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Some fans also speculated that the album's display outside the Guggenheim Museum was in connection with its ongoing exhibition titled “Going into the Dark: Contemporary Form at the Edge of Vision“, which displays “more than 100 works by a group of 28 artists, the majority of whom are black and more than half of whom are women.”

Earlier this week, another famous building opened in New York City – Empire State Building – He also indicated that he is ready for this Cowboy Carter By responding to Beyoncé's social media promo with a photoshopped cowboy hat on top of the Empire State Building.

The second law: Cowboy Carter It is a continuation of her record-breaking 2022 album Renaissance.