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Health Emergencies in Saint-Bartholomew and Saint-Martin –

On Monday, July 26, the Senate decided to observe a state of health emergency in Saint-Bartholomew and Saint-Martin, until September 30, 2021. The first decision was to close nightclubs and ban the operation of dance venues and drinking establishments.


The move was announced and it is now effective. The Northern Islands have been under a state of health emergency since Monday, July 26 due to a health condition.

Nightclubs, dance venues and closed bars

In Saint-Bartholomew, the situation worsened last week, following the appearance of clusters of seasonal workers from France, indicating the services of Saint-Bartholomew and Saint-Martin. Officials said the holiday makers spread the virus during festive activities. On July 22, the regional health agency ruled that no cluster had been registered since the beginning of April.
The virus prompted the state representative to decide to close the nightclubs today (July 26, 2021). “For having chains of pollution“The use of dance venues in drinking water stations is prohibited in Saint-Bartholomew, as in Saint-Martin.

A sharp increase in the number of Saint-Barth cases

This exceptional move is not surprising to citizens. On July 23, the regional health agency warned. The last health bulletin for the week from July 12 to 18 calculated 5 cases of Kovit-19 on ARS Island, with a positive rate of 0.6%. The figures explode next week with 102 positive tests identified in the region, thus bringing the positive rate to 7.7%.

Saint-Martin finds himself in the grip of a health emergency. The situation is being confirmed at the scene. During the week from July 12 to 18, 51 new cases were identified in the area, up from 53 the previous week.

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The vaccine promotes. As a reminder, on Tuesday, July 20, the vaccine protection rate was 64.77% in Saint-Bartholomew and 35.03% in Saint-Martin. In Guadeloupe, it is 25.78%.