July 22, 2024

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Najib Mikati was appointed to form the new government

Najib Mikati was appointed to form the new government

Its roadmap is clear: to launch reforms to expel Lebanon from the unprecedented socio-economic crisis. Businessman and former prime minister Najib Mikati was sworn in by Lebanese President Michael Awun on Monday, July 26, to form a new government.

Its designation comes later Chad Hariri’s July 15 challenge, Nine months later Mr. In connection with the formation of a government with him. Before him, Moustaba Adib, named for the eruption in the port of Beirut In August 2020, it failed to form a government due to a stalemate.

During a parliamentary consultation chaired by President Michael Awn, 65-year-old Mr Mikadhi won the support of 72 lawmakers, while 42 delegates avoided appointing him. Mr. Mr. Hariri and his parliamentary committee. Approved the appointment of Mikodi, who received the support of Mr Shaun’s movement Hezbollah, Mr. Aun is an ally and a major political force in the country.

In the Lebanese political system, the post of prime minister should be held by a Sunni Muslim, and the presidency by a Maronite Christian.

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The political stalemate is pulling

First Hasan Diab resigns in August 2020 In the wake of the massive explosion at the port that left more than 200 dead and devastated districts of the capital, the political stalemate in the wake of the political stalemate has dragged on, preventing the international community from forming the government that has been pushing for reforms aimed at banning it. Assistance to Lebanon.

Najib Mikati had already headed two boxes in 2005 And 2011. He said he would like to propose a list of ministers within a month. This must be accepted by the big tenants of the ruling class, who, for decades, have been blamed for corruption, incompetence, and large sections of the population.

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However, it may take several more months to form a government because one of the worst countries in the world since 1850 has been in crisis by the World Bank. “Nothing guarantees that the elements needed to form a government will be fulfilled.”Al-Akbar noted daily, citing challenges related to the distribution of positions and portfolios.

Symbol of corruption

According to the press Forbes, Najib Migadi is estimated at $ 2.7 billion, or 3 2.3 billion. He is seen as a symbol of a force that has been accused of being a unity in his country and an unprecedented survivor of the popular uprising at the end of 2019. In 2019, Mr. suspected of illegal enrichment. Mikati has a low reputation, including in his hometown. Of Tripoli (north). On Sunday evening, dozens of people protested outside his Beirut home, accusing him of corruption and solidarity.

But party leaders see him as a unanimous candidate who has hitherto been an obstacle to the formation of a credible government, capable of blocking the blockade and opening up important international aid.

The International community, led by FrancePledged to support billions of dollars in conditional aid in establishing a government that fights corruption. Although Threats allowed by the EU Against the Lebanese leadership, no progress has been made.

Lebanon, ruled for almost a year by the proposed interim administration after the catastrophic eruption that devastated the port of Beirut on August 4, is facing a currency collapse, an explosion of unemployment and the freezing of bank accounts, the country’s economy – which has suffered its deepest crisis since the 1975-1990 civil war – One.

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On August 4, France announced a new international aid conference in Lebanon « Meet the Needs of the Lebanese ”. This coincides with the first anniversary of the catastrophic eruption at the port of Beirut, which was blamed for the negligence of the authorities.

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