April 19, 2024

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In a video, Wagner’s boss explains the failure of the Russian attack on Bachmouth

In a video, Wagner’s boss explains the failure of the Russian attack on Bachmouth

Wagner’s mercenaries are up against strong Ukrainian defenses and can only advance one house at a time, Yevgeny Prigozhin said in a late December video.

Everyone is asking the question: When do you take Bagmouth?“Starts Yevkhuni Prigozhin, the boss of the private mercenary company Wagner. Interview With RIA Novosti news agency. According to him, his fighters will attack every house”Artyomovsk (Russian name of bugmouth author’s note)”, several “FortsBlocks military progress.

This morning we took a house and broke through the Ukrainian defenses. Behind this house there is still a new defense, not just one“, he adds. “How many such security lines are there in Artyomovsk? 500 is not wrong“, he assures.

Before their master, Wagner’s mercenaries were a “Lack of vehicles, BMP-3 (An infantry fighting vehicle carrying ten soldiers, author’s note) 100 mm shells to advance furthers Artyomovsk“. The Russian army, particularly Wagner’s mercenaries, had been unsuccessfully trying to capture the city since May 17. British intelligence, its Brief On January 3, Wagner and the Russian army were believed to haveIn mid-December their infantry attacks increased in frequency around the town of Bakhmut in the Donetsk region, but these were poorly supported.“.

Also, the Ukrainian army has “Undertook significant reinforcements“to protect the area”In the last ten days“. “Russia is unlikely to make significant progress near Pakmut in the coming weeks.The UK Ministry of Defense has decided.

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Limited strategic interest

The city, almost completely destroyed, nevertheless presented no particular strategic interest. “It’s a marketing stunt for the Kremlin that wants to buy victory. Possession of Bakhmaut, devastated by months of shelling, would bring nothing decisive, as the Russians would come up against new lines of Ukrainian defenses and heights in the direction of Kramatorsk.” says Cedric Moss.

Additionally, progress is difficult. Despite reinforcements from both sides, it is questionable whether there are equal numbers of fighters Since the abandonment of Gerson, but useful engravings. “In Donbass, the lines have been reinforced since 2015, which explains the slow progress in this area», referring to Thibaut Foylet. The Russians also come up against a tactical obstacle:It is a logic that fire is superior to motion“, He is abundant.”Defense is far superior to offense and stopfire is more effective“, continues Cedric Maas. After the bombardment the attacker tries to advance, but the cannon collides with the enemy who stops his progress.

These costly battles in human life allow both camps to “to stare» Enemy troops at a certain point. Therefore, Russian reinforcements from Kherson could not be used for another offensive. On the contrary Ukrainians cannot transfer their soldiers to another front or rest them. For weeks, many pro-Russian accounts have been openly concerned about the Ukrainian advance around Zaporizhia towards Melitopol. and Crimea.

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