May 21, 2024

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In Brazil, a man receives a five-dose Covid-19 vaccine

This is what we call precaution … However, does a person living in Rio de Janeiro really need to be injected five times? Vaccine doses Against Govt-19? This extraordinary story, however, has challenged health officials who failed to explain how this Brazilian was able to be vaccinated five times.

Between May 12 and July 21, the person received two Pfizer vaccines, two Chinese serum, Koronawak, and AstraZeneca were able to discuss the digital vaccination record of a resident of the western region of Rio, according to TV Globo. He was given two injections, only 13 days apart. It was discovered on August 16 when he tried to get the 6th dose.

Hundreds of fraud cases

In a city most affected by Govt-19 the situation was paradoxical and people had to stop vaccinating several times due to scarcity. According to the G1 news site, the municipality explained that the man went to three different vaccination centers and took advantage of the computer crash. The health secretariat for its part said it was “able to identify this man in his records” and that he would take “necessary action”. With hundreds of fraud cases reported, these Brazilians are not the only ones breaking the rules, people are operating in different categories Vaccination centers In order for the country to get the vaccine of their choice or a Third dose.

With 570,000 deaths linked to Govt-19, The Brazil Is The second most affected country in the world Behind the United States. Nevertheless, as this extraordinary story proves, the Brazilian population largely adheres to the vaccine.

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