February 28, 2024

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In Tunisia, President Ghazni appoints Home Minister

Tunisian President Qaeda on Thursday, July 29, appointed a security adviser to the Interior Ministry, the first appointment. Four days after he seized all executive power, Suspended the functioning of Parliament for a month.

“President issues Presidential Order instructing Rita Karzalloi to manage Interior Ministry”, The president said in a statement. The incumbent Mr. According to local media reports, Carsallui, a police commissioner, became the president’s national security adviser.

Many civil society organizations and foreign countries, Mr.

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Management of the Govit-19 epidemic was criticized

Mr. Sachith, argued “Immediate risks” Faced Tunisia, Plunged into a deep political crisis for months, to justify his acquisition on Sunday, hit hard by the deadly peak of the corona virus.

He fired Prime Minister Hichem Meccici and was widely criticized for his handling of the Kovit-19 epidemic, which has reduced Tunisia’s oxygen supply and hospitalization, and said he would use executive power. “Government Assistance” Whose leader should he still name? The establishment of a crisis unit to manage the Govt-19 epidemic, which was overseen by a senior military officer, was also announced on Wednesday evening.

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Several civil society organizations called for a map on Wednesday and warned against any extension “Illegal” Suspension of Parliament beyond the thirty days provided by the Constitution.

Dangerous reaction

Wednesday evening, Mr. Sachit launched an anti-corruption offensive, demanding accountability from 460 businessmen accused of fraud under the regime of dictator Zine El Abidine Ben Ali (who ruled from 1987 to 2011). “Public money robbers”. They are 460 To duty “13.5 billion” He cited a previous report by the Commission of Inquiry into Corruption and Fraud under the former regime and paid dinars (ில்லியன் 4 billion) to the government.

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“This money should go to the Tunisian people”, Cleaned up the president. To this end, he would like to propose to abandon the measures for these traders in return for paying the amount reimbursed for the benefit of the marginalized regions of Tunisia. He explained that he wanted to attack the corruption that contributes to the decline in phosphate production, one of the country’s rarest natural resources.

As part of the new emergency operations, Mr. The case, which has been placed under Saeed’s authority, announced the opening on Tuesday, July 14 of the trial against several parties suspected of providing foreign funding for the 2019 election campaign. This survey specifically targets Islam-inspired training ennada, The main parliamentary party, is at odds with the president.

The President is currently enjoying one “Lasting fame”, Observes Ricardo Fabiani, Tunisia expert on the International Crisis Group. His seizure of power was fueled by institutional sanctions by many Tunisians, the crisis-ridden economy and the mismanagement of the epidemic. In this context, “By supporting the anti-corruption campaign against officials and businessmen associated with Ennada, (…) He can permanently weaken some of his most powerful political rivals. ”, Thus winning “Establish a new status” In Tunisia, the analyst evaluates.

Worry abroad

However, the presidential coup is causing concern both at home and abroad. Tunisian parliamentarian Richard Conucci expressed regret in an interview with Agency France-Presse on Thursday.

In the absence of agreement on the formation of a government and the reopening of parliament, “We call on the Tunisian people to defend their democracy.”, Mr. President of Ennada. Warned Kannouchi.

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U.S. Secretary of State Anthony Blingen said on Thursday that President Saeed had promised to work for democracy. “We firmly believe that Tunisia will return to this democratic path, act in accordance with the Constitution, re-establish parliament, and give itself to a government to do the work of the people and meet their needs.”, He insisted.

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