June 26, 2024

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Partial imprisonment is being announced from this weekend

Reunion Island Follow in Martinique’s footsteps Restructuring for two weeks from this weekend. Jack Biland, head of the Overseas Region, announced Thursday that daytime imprisonment would apply to the department experiencing the full impact of the new waves of Covit-19 pollution.
Like many regions of the Antilles.

“In the next 15 days, only companies that can no longer wear the mask will be open to the public,” he said, citing restaurants, bars, sports halls and places with functionality, so all activities should be stopped. The leader also pointed out that more than six people and picnic meetings are prohibited.

Curfew order from 6pm to 5am.

As in Guadeloupe, The province of Reunion has also chosen a curfew order to curb the spread of the virus. This applies from 6pm to 5am. As a result, travel certificates are again mandatory. During the day, traveling around the house is permitted within a 10 km radius from Monday to Saturday and a 5 km radius on Sundays. To go around this 5km or 10km radius, “you need to bring proof of address and identity document”. Beyond that, Jack Biland said it would take a “certificate of compelling reason”.

Jack Billand underscores that the mask can only be worn by rhinoceroses “within a 10 km radius, in stores” to be worn regularly. According to the leader, the incidence rate of the corona virus Meeting There are currently 350 cases per 100,000 population and the positive rate “rises to almost 10%”. A new assessment must be made within ten days.

The Director General of ARS Martin Ladousette regretted the low vaccination on the island, where three out of 10 people have been vaccinated more than 5 out of 10 nationally. “60,000 injections this week” is targeted to come “by the end of August”, with “49% of the population of Reunion” being fully vaccinated.

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