May 18, 2024

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Iran has been blamed on all sides since the tanker attack in the Arabian Sea

On Thursday, the oil tanker, Mercer Street, was run by an Israeli millionaire’s company. The target of the drone attack was, According to the U.S. military, which owns ships in the area. The bomber struck shortly after noon in front of a U.S. military base, killing two people: a British and a Romanian crew member working for security firm Ambrey, according to the ship’s owner, Zodiac Maritime.

Israel on Friday pointed its finger at Iran, accusing it of being an “exporter of terrorism, destruction and instability.”

Tehran denies it outright

The Israeli ambassador called on the UN to take action against Iran. Tehran has denied any involvement: “The Zionist regime (Israel, editorial note) must stop such unsubstantiated allegations (to begin with),” its diplomatic spokesman Chad Kadibzade said on Sunday. “Iran will not hesitate for a moment to defend its interests and its national security.”

Israeli Prime Minister Naphtali Bennett denied the allegations: “I can assure you that Iran carried out the attack on the ship (…) there is evidence to that effect.”

“We expect the international community to make it clear that the Iranian regime has made a serious mistake. In any case, we know how to send a message to Iran on our way,” he warned.

London and Washington also point to Iran

London and Washington have also blamed Tehran. Britain believes the “deliberate” move was “carried out by Iran”, while British Foreign Secretary Dominic Robb called on Britain to “immediately stop any activities that could endanger peace and security.”

The IDF chief said he had talked with his British colleague about “recent developments in the region and the common challenges facing their countries”.

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He also warned that the United States “ensures that Iran continues to carry out attacks following a series of attacks and aggression … Washington is” consulting with governments in the region and beyond for an appropriate and immediate response. “

“Shadow War”

In the afternoon, the Israeli Foreign Minister said in a statement that his country would “continue discussions with its allies around the world and work together to determine the necessary measures to combat Iranian terrorism.”

Israeli may try to increase global pressure on Iran, but it also retains the possibility of “acting outside the diplomatic arena,” retired Israeli General Yoshi Kuberwaser told Israeli military radio.

In response to last Thursday’s attack on the tanker, Trit Global, which specializes in maritime security, cites the new “retaliation in the shadow war” between Iran and Israel.

The Mercer Street ship was traveling from Dar es Salaam in Tanzania to Fujairah (United Arab Emirates) without cargo. Israel and Iran for many yearsFace directly or indirectly in Lebanon, Syria And in the band
Palestinian Gaza.

A series of sabotages and attacks at sea

But in recent months, the rivalry has spread at sea with the appearance of a mysterious sabotage and attacks.

On March 10, a cargo ship belonging to the Iranian state-owned shipping company IRISL was hit by an explosive device in the Mediterranean, Iran’s Shahr-e-Court. “Everything says that the occupying regime of Jerusalem (Israel, editor’s note) is behind this action”, then ruled Tehran.

In April, Iran announced that an Iranian “merchant ship”, the Chavis, had been damaged in the Red Sea by an explosion. The New York Times later reported that Chavis was the target of an Israeli “retaliatory” attack after “Iranian attacks on Israeli ships”.

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For analysts, the conflict at sea, part of the tensions surrounding the Iranian nuclear issue, seeks to increase pressure on Tehran to secure a new deal in its favor, while the Hebrew government seeks to prevent it.

Iranian officials have repeatedly accused Israel of sabotaging some of its uranium enrichment facilities and killing scientists involved in the development of the project.