May 21, 2024

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It hits the ground at a speed of 130 km per hour but is survived by ants

This is a fluke that is not really a fluke. In 1999, digital media reported that his tab turned into a free fall because the American John Murray refused to open his parachute, except to parachute at an altitude of 4,400 meters. Ulysses.

Experienced after more than thirty jumps, she removes the defective parachute and opens the reserve. It was a bit late as it was already 200 meters from the ground and not far enough to slow down its race. It then hit the ground at a speed of 130 kilometers per hour, a shock that would normally kill if the fall were not cushioned.

Saves pain

That is exactly what happened to John Murray, who landed in an anthill. But not just any anthill: it is Solenopsis invicta, Commonly called fire ants. These small animals are not common with the ants that inhabit our gardens, and derive their name from the itching caused by their “fiery” bites.

Descending into their anthill, John Murray could not escape it, but that was what saved her from the shock of the fall. 200 ants bit and spilled their venom – considered one of the most annoying in the world National Geography-, his body reacted with an increase in adrenaline, which allowed his heart to beat constantly and allowed his organs to function despite his severe fall.

In a coma for two weeks

However, John Murray did not come out unscathed from his fall. The paramedic was in a coma for two weeks, undergoing about 20 reconstructive surgeries and 17 blood transfusions, reports RTL. Six weeks later, she was back on her feet, a real miracle.

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A great deal of fear and severe aftermath did not discourage him from trying the experience again. John Murray skydived again in 2001, this time it opened well and the landing was smooth.