June 13, 2024

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Italian police rebel against their pink FFP2 masks

The color of these masks “does not respect the uniform”, condemns these Italian police officers after receiving a collection of pink FFP2 masks.

Everything, but it is not. The Italian police are ready to make efforts for this Govt-19 epidemic. Vaccines, tests, okay. You can continue wearing FFP2 masks throughout the day. But pink? Enough is enough. “We wear pink masks and we do not wear them. They do not respect the uniform. : Here is the reaction of Transcendental Police officers who, after receiving a collection of light pink FFP2 masks on January 13, 2021, added to their regular service attire, Reports Republic .

The uprising affected the police in several Italian provinces: Pavia, Varis (Lombardy), Ferrara, Bologna (Emilia-Romagna), Syracuse (Sicily) or Venice. After the arrival of these irregular lots, the police alerted the SAP (Autonomous Police Association) Police Association. And the “case” goes to Lamberto Giannini, the director general of the National Police and a politician. SAP General Secretary Stefano Pavloni wrote him a lengthy letter on January 13. Reveals the “confusion” of its components.

“Uniforms need to be worn with dignity and respect for the company”

Stefano Paolini, General Secretary of the Italian Police Association SAP.

“Based on our commitment, the uniform must be worn with dignity and respect by the company to which we belong.”, SAP General Secretary recalled. It is also a question of credibility to people who are already very angry with the police, the unionist goes on to say: “Especially at this historic moment, when it comes to (…) growing hatred of the disciplinary forces, ‘it is necessary to show restraint and respect for the uniform.”

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SAP’s – most substantiated – argument goes on to say: “These are things that should be part of the structure of the person called to enforce the rules.. In short, this color can be dangerous “Damage to the image of the company”.

But the fear of being ridiculed runs the risk of turning against the unfortunate police, and its turmoil, too. Appeared on the website New York Times , Already gossiping on social websites. Some suspect that these brave men will be ridiculed for wearing immature color.

“Police do not like pink masks because it would undermine their masculinity, but for decades female police officers have had to wear a male uniform with a tie.”, How to be a surfer on Twitter.

“There is no discrimination against this color, Defends trade unionist Stefano Balloni in the right-wing daily Il Giornale, but because the use of our uniform is subject to rules. Therefore, the union a “Immediate action” To be provided to police officers “Masks of a different color (white, blue or black) (…)”.

“There is nothing wrong with wearing a pink mask. (…) Respect for the uniform does not come from the colors, but from the acting and work of the men and women who wear these uniforms. ”, Deputy Minister of Infrastructure Theresa Bellanova responded on Twitter.

The Director General of the Italian National Police is not currently pursuing this “government affair”.