May 21, 2024

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Jacob Deswariax in intensive care at CHUG

The diabetic, Guadeloupe musician had gone to CHU as part of the periodic checks he had to do after transplant surgery. It was during this test that he tested positive for COVID. The man is in intensive care due to complications related to his transplant surgery.

It was on his Facebook account that the news of his admission to the hospital came out. The page mentions that 5 days ago, he was admitted to the hospital and canceled all scheduled concerts. A cancellation justified by the isolation that its pollution with COVID 19 imposes on it.

However, if the family filters out information about his current condition, some report that his health has deteriorated in relation to the transplant he experienced due to his diabetes, without any details. Not provided in this regard. But we do know what the consequences of Govt 19 will be On dialysis and transplant patients, They are advised to get three dose vaccines rather than two drugs.

Jacob Deswariux, The Story of the Personal Struggle Against Diabetes

Jacob Deswariax never revealed the secret of the disease he had to deal with for many years. This gave him the precautions to take in diabetes and the opportunity to testify on several occasions about his life as a diabetic.
Due to these other health factors, he chose to be vaccinated against Govt 19 and even participated in the promotion of the vaccine campaign.
Last year he was even subjected to a “fake news” He said he was in a coma due to ill health

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Gradually, his struggle against diabetes and its aftermath allowed him to climb the slope and return to the ideal state of his form to resume his musical activities.
He also took to the concept of the “fourth gun” he introduced two years ago last week.

A concept that the musician wants to take and implement.

At present, the various medical services responsible for him cross-wise are making every effort to confirm his condition.
Ten years ago, while talking about this diabetes he had to live with, Jacob Deswariax said:

I would never say my disease because using a possession is like saying I own him or I own it. I would always say disease.

Jacob Deswariax

The fact that he is fighting back this time is anti-disease.