May 27, 2024

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Live – Covit-19: Protests against the health pass in several cities in France

Paris: Thousands of people on the street against the health pass

Several thousand people protested on the streets of Paris on Saturday afternoon against the health pass and the vaccine. The first procession, which began at the Royal Palace, was led by Florian Phillipot, Francis Lauren, and Martyr Wonner, co-cuptic assistant.

Another procession, surrounded by police officers, began on the 14th.

“The desired French Democratic Republic disappeared on July 12, 2021”, “No to health pass, stop the dictatorship”, read the signs.

The third unauthorized meeting took place in the city of Place de la Repubblica with a few dozen people.

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Perpignan: 1,200 protesters against vaccine and health pass

On Saturday, 1,200 people gathered in the city of Perpignan against the vaccine and health pass.

“So this is democracy in France” one can read on a sign.

Many people wore yellow stars on their T-shirts and carried a parallel map between hunting down Jews and what they say against anti-vaccine activists.

The Pyrenees-Oriental region announced new measures the previous day to curb the eruption of lawsuits.

In Greece, a curfew was imposed in Mykonos

Authorities say Greece has imposed a five-hour curfew and other restrictions on the tourist island of Mykonos, which is known for its festive nights on Saturday due to a “worrying” rise in Kovit-19 pollution.

A statement from Deputy Minister of Civil Defense Nicos Hartalias said the move would help ban all music from July 26 to 24, except for a curfew from 1am to 6am.

“We call on the residents, visitors and traders of our beautiful island to make real use of the measures (…) so that the spread of the virus can be quickly controlled and the mycosis can return to normal,” says Nicos Hartalias.

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Protests against the Health Pass are taking place in Paris, Toulouse and Nantes

Nearly a hundred protests were declared in France this Saturday against the Health Pass.

The Parisian procession set out at the invitation of the yellow underwear

Among the protesters was Jerome Rodriguez in particular, the epitome of the opposition movement.

Others in yellow clothing are swollen in teams, including members of the nursing staff.

In Paris, a procession of yellow-clad protesters against the Health Pass

Protesters against the health pass gathered in Paris in the afternoon on the call of yellow underwear.

The event is scheduled to take place at the 14th Arrondissement, Juizuo, from the Bliss Metro Station.

The procession is scheduled to begin at 2:30 p.m.

“In the summer, we have it in our hands”, warns Jean-Baptiste Lemoine

“In the summer, we have it in our hands,” Secretary of State for Tourism Jean-Baptiste Lemoine warned Saturday.

A member of the government was speaking from Anglet (Pyrenees-Atlantics), where he was traveling with Jean Costex to an interim vaccination center.

“Good progress this summer, everyone is responsible,” he stressed.

“The line is clear”: Jean Costex has launched a new call to vaccinate

“The vaccine protects,” Jean Costex stressed this Saturday from an interim vaccination center in Anglet (Pyrenees-Atlantics).

“The line is clear, we need to get vaccinated and reach the health pass (…) to avoid taking the strong braking measures we know,” the Prime Minister continued.

“I hear the reluctance to express, but I think it is necessary at all costs to convince all our fellow citizens to be vaccinated,” the head of government continued.

“Stay united with each other as we come out of this crisis that will continue to be unfortunate,” Jean Costex insists.

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About 400 protesters marched against the vaccine and the Health Pass in Perpignan

About 400 people protested on Saturday in Perpignan against the vaccine and health pass, chanting “Macron resignation” or “freedom, independence”, while the department is stepping up efforts to control the outbreak of Govt-19 cases.

They gathered in front of the Catalan city before marching through the city’s historic center, AFP reporters reported.

Asks Durman’s priorities to strengthen the security of elected officials

Home Secretary Gerald Durman wrote a letter to students on Friday evening asking them to strengthen security measures against elected officials in the wake of the anti-vaccination mobilization.

In recent days, “reports of threats against members of parliament and elected officials have been mounting in the wake of anti-vaccine demands,” writes Gerald Durman.

The Minister recalled that “sometimes violent” activities took place on “hotlines” by asking them to “mobilize the internal security forces placed under your jurisdiction to reassure the elected authorities, prevent these acts and act swiftly in the event of an incident.” Parliamentary Assistants “.

France imposes less than 24-hour tests from many European countries

The decision was announced by Matticknon this Saturday. France imposes less than 24-hour checks on non-vaccinated immigrants from many European countries.

“Spain, Portugal, Cyprus, the Netherlands and Greece will be monitored within European territory, and people who were not initially tested will need less than 24 hours of testing,” he said. This period was 72 hours ago.

In addition, “a strengthened rule for the United Kingdom is then placed”, which is detailed.

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New restrictions on the Pyrenees-Oriental

The department, which will again make it mandatory to wear a mask from this Saturday, will be subject to new restrictions by the Pyrenees-Orientals.

According to a press release issued today from the province, the virus’s progress in this border area has been pushed to “bars, restaurants, beach establishments, makeshift drinking water companies and night grocery stores last night” from 11pm on Sunday. July 18 at 11pm to August 2 at 6pm

One hundred demonstrations are expected in France against the health policy

This Saturday, a hundred protests are expected to take place in France against the implementation of the health pass, generally against the government’s health policy.

Welcome to this live dedicated to the Covit-19 crisis

Greetings and welcome to this live dedicated to news related to the health crisis caused by Govt-19.

On Friday, a vaccine record was broken, with 879,597 injections given in 24 hours.

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