June 23, 2024

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Oliver Vernon announces that the end of the mask duty will take place “in mid-March” in most closed areas “if conditions are met”

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09:11 : @ Milk: As it was already this summer and fall, nightclubs are reopening today, and wearing a mask is optional. How to explain this flexibility? These places are subject to the issuance of a vaccine pass, which is not available at the businesses you specify.

09:12 : Hello. I do not understand exactly, we remove masks in nightclubs, but not in stores? Or am I wrong? Thanks

09:08 : #WEANSWER YOU Marie: Hello. This is really a question, within two weeks Remove your mask at the cinema, theater or museum. The About Olivier VéranContact this time this morning for closed areas, such as offices or schools, that are subject to vaccination licenses.

09:11 : Hello Yan, I was very surprised to read that the Minister of Health was talking about removing the mask at home in mid-March. A few days ago, from February 28th, we heard that the mask could no longer be forced on closed areas subject to the vaccine pass. What exactly is it, please?

09:01 : 9am, Let’s see the news:

Sacred Olympic slalom champion, Skier Clement Noel presents the fourth gold medal to the French delegates at the Winter Games in China. With the hope of the 14th stage for the tricolor flags, we now follow the series run for women in biathlon. Follow Our life.

The obligation to wear a mask at business or school may end “Mid-March”, This was announced by Health Minister Oliver Warren on the day Removing new restrictions Discos, Bars, arenas, Movie theaters and Transportation,

The day after Moscow announced a “Partial Withdrawal” Troops concentrated on the Ukrainian border, and Russia announced the withdrawal of another part of its forces. “Finished their tactical exercises” On the annexed Ukrainian peninsula of Crimea.

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Thanks to Kylian Mbabane’s last minute record, PSG is there Real Madrid won a well-deserved victory against the team (1-0), last night, in the Champions League 16th leg round. Argentina’s Lionel Messi has previously missed a penalty for Paris Saint-Germain.

08:46 : “I’m not saying let’s make everything light, we can keep the tail of the comet.”, Says the Minister of Health. He specifically mentions the possible maintenance of the vaccine pass at the discotheque beyond mid-March.

08:43 : “In mid-March, we may begin to seriously ask ourselves the question of wearing a mask at home and getting vaccinated.”

The minister noted that the duty of the mask could be removed within a month in business or school, if the situation continues to improve and hospitals detect it. “Normal operating state”.

08:43 : The end result of the duty of the inner mask can interfere in most places “Mid-March”, Says Health Minister Oliver Warren.

08:39 : “It is clearly evolving everywhere, in all the French regions. (…) Our strategy for progressive relief [des restrictions] Was good “

Minister Pollution Report Three times less important than it was two weeks ago. “This suggests, for him, a possibilityGet off the wave completely in a few weeks “.


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08:33 : On this day Removing new health restrictions, Minister of Health, Olivier Véran, is the guest of honor at “8:30 franceinfo”. You can follow his interview Our live television Where Our live radio.

08:30 : Children vaccinated by mothers during pregnancy, according to an American study Less risk than others of developing severe form of Govit-19. This protection may come from the transfer of antibodies through the placenta.

07:20 : “There’s no question about returning with Grandma’s vaccine pass.”

On our antenna, this union official expects to see “Two-thirds of stock companies reopen tonight”. Parties will be asked Show testimonials at the gateway: “Customers must submit a valid vaccination pass and we will verify the ID.”

08:16 : In short, from today you can once again:

எழுந்து Get up and eat in bars, cafes and restaurants

Drink or eat in theaters, theaters and public transportation

Go to the club

• Stand up and go to the concert.

07:08 : Are you getting a little lost in the midst of all the changes in health rules? We give you a list of articles What is allowed again today And the next reduction is planned for the end of the month.

06:56 : Go to the Newsstand to get the scent of fresh morning ink and the pulse of national and regional newspapers. In the event of the nightclubs (which had to close again in December) reopening, the Mirror Ball environment in many of your newspapers.

06:42 : Martinique, under curfew order from July, sees tunnel exit. So far the province has announced that night restrictions against 8pm will start at 10pm on Friday. Our friends from Martinique La 1ère are participating Rules in force.

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06:09 : First titles for Wednesday, February 16th here:

நன்றி Thanks to the fall of the fifth wave, the government Removes new restrictions starting today. You can go back to discotheques, dine at bars or go to stadiums, theaters and have a drink. Transportation.

Confirmed by Russian President Vladimir Putin “Partial Withdrawal” Troops concentrated on the Ukrainian border. This “The first encouraging signal”Congratulations to Emmanuel Macron, for the United States, “An invasion is still possible”.

நி Nicholas Bay, spokesman for the Marine Le Pen campaign, has been suspended from his duties at the National Rally. The party accuses him of being Sent confidential information to Eric ZemorA “nasty job” Argued by the accused.

Thanks to Kylian Mbabane’s last minute record, PSG is there Real Madrid won a well-deserved victory against the team (1-0), last night, in the 16th leg round of the Champions League. Argentina’s Lionel Messi previously missed a penalty opportunity for Paris Saint-Germain.