March 4, 2024

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Kovit: How long do people who get the 3rd dose vaccine protect against the virus?

A U.S. study was conducted to estimate the protection time provided by the vaccine.

How long do recipients of the 3rd injection of the messenger RNA vaccine protect against Covit-19?

In an attempt to answer this question, which is very useful in determining the duration of vaccination, it is necessary to know whether it is necessary to go to the 4th dose. The United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention, CDC, has launched a study To estimate the time of protection related to this vaccine.

A study to determine the durability of protection after three doses of the vaccine

To this end, data on nearly 100,000 hospitals were collected and analyzed from fifteen medical centers located in 10 different states.

This study illustrates all counseling related to Kovit from the time he went to the emergency department between August 2021 and January 2022 until he was admitted to the hospital. The future.

The CDC report, released on Friday, February 11, outlined the effectiveness of the vaccine in relation to the Covit-related suggestions. More after the third dose than the second dose.

But even a few months after vaccination the efficacy is low.

Significant decrease after four months

During the dominance of the Omigron variant, researchers who studied the data established immunity to the vaccine.Two months after the injection Preserved until the third dose 87% for ER admission And 91% for ICU admission.

But the latter is then reduced Four months With a security 66% for emergency room and 78% for intensive care.

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This decrease in vaccine efficacy was observed in Israel and other studies, the CDC report points out.

A reduction to perspective, a simple assessment

Its results a Simple ratingBecause it relies only on hospital admission events, not excluding hospital admission.

Hence the duration Effectiveness in people with asymptomatic or mild symptoms was not taken into account in this study.

In addition, this assessment did not address the health issues and especially patients’ pre-infection status, some immunocompromised individuals were more likely to be infected than others, or did not respect the barking gestures and behaviors on the govt’s face.

A study promoting the vaccine

Despite the fact that this study shows a decrease in efficacy four months after the 3rd dose, it remains a highlight Vaccine efficacy And especially the booster vaccine with this extra reserved dose, which allows the vaccine to be highly effective.

Moreover, the scientists who wrote the study did not rule out a possible need Extra dose If necessary.

Towards the fourth level? For now, this 4th dose is being considered in France and can only be concerned about the vulnerable population if the number of infections decreases.