April 14, 2024

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Jay Leno's wife doesn't recognize him because of dementia, lawyer says

Jay Leno's wife doesn't recognize him because of dementia, lawyer says

More details in Mavis LenoMy battle with dementia has come to light.

After two months Jay Leno He filed documents seeking to establish a conservatorship of his wife's estate, with Mavis' court-appointed attorney Ronald Ostrin She shared an update on her condition. In court documents obtained by E! Ronald said in the April 1 news that she “sometimes doesn't know her husband, Jay, or her date of birth.”

Pointing out that Mavis was diagnosed with “advanced dementia,” according to the lawyer “She is experiencing a lot of confusion and will think about her parents who died and her mother who died about 20 years ago,” she wrote in the filing.

However, Ronald said that although “she clearly has cognitive impairment, she still has a charming personality and can communicate.”

His file recommended that it be Jay – who had been taking care of Mavis at their home in Los Angeles She was appointed guardian of her property For planning purposes. As the document noted, the comedian is not seeking guardianship of Mavis' person, and is only seeking oversight of her estate so that “if something were to happen to Mr. Leno, a petition for guardianship of the person would be filed immediately in accordance with plans to be made under estate planning to obtain a guardian for the person.” Which will be appointed immediately.”

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