July 22, 2024

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Joe Biden performed a colonoscopy and temporarily transferred his powers to Kamala Harris

Joe Biden performed a colonoscopy and temporarily transferred his powers to Kamala Harris

President of the United States Joe Biden The White House said Friday that she had undergone colonoscopy and temporarily transferred her powers to Kamala Harris. At 5:35 pm (Paris time), Joe Biden had already resumed his duties. The day before, he had arrived at Walter Reed Medical Center in Bethesda, Maryland for a “routine” examination on the eve of his 79th birthday. So Kamala Harris’ intermission lasted only 1 hour and 25 minutes.

George W. Bush in 2002 and 2007. This was already the case during Bush’s presidency. One big difference was that the vice presidency was in the hands of one, and Kamala Harris became a woman president for the first time in American history.

The President is “qualified” to carry out his task

A detailed account released by his doctor on Friday reveals that Joe Biden is “in good health” and “qualified” to serve as President of the United States. The president, who turns 79 on Saturday, is taking three prescribed medications and two non-prescription medications, the doctor said. He also points out that Joe Biden has a difficult gait and a frequent cough, although he says he is the cause of minor ailments.

Already in 2019, Democrat He was declared “healthy” and “serious” by his doctor when he was the Democratic primary candidate. The U.S. president, who does not smoke or drink alcohol, was fully vaccinated against Covit-19 and received a third dose at the end of September.

Biden’s plan for social reform was voted on in the Senate

He is the oldest president in American history and has revealed that he plans to run for his own successor in 2024, but his age has sparked speculation that he may step down. If Joe Biden does not stand for re-election, Kamala Harris, 57, will be considered a natural candidate for the Democratic camp, although most observers still have a mixed record of her tenure as vice president.

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Meanwhile, political life in the United States is taking its course, where elected representatives of the House of Representatives voted Friday for the president’s grand plan for social reform, promising that it will be the first important step before adoption. Senate.