February 27, 2024

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Jonathan Majors was convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend

Jonathan Majors was convicted of assaulting his ex-girlfriend

New York (AFP) – Jonathan Majors On Monday, B. was convicted Assaulting his ex-girlfriend After a two-week trial, the actor hoped to salvage his damaged reputation and restore his status as a budding Hollywood star.

A Manhattan jury convicted Majors, 34, of assault and harassment. He was also acquitted of various assault and aggravated harassment charges. Majors, who was asked to stand and face the jury as the verdict was read, showed no immediate reaction and looked down slightly.

The charges stem from a dispute between… Representative of the “Third Doctrine”. And his girlfriend, Grace Jabbari, who started in the back seat of a chauffeur-driven car and spilled out onto the streets of Manhattan one night last March.

Jabbari, a 30-year-old British dancer, accused Majors of an attack inside the car that left her in “excruciating” pain. She said he hit her in the head with his open hand, twisted her arm behind her back and squeezed her middle finger until it broke.

Majors’ lawyers said she was the aggressor, claiming she exploded into a rage after reading a text message on his phone sent by another woman. They said that Al-Jabbari spread a “fantasy” to bring down the actor, who was just trying to recover his phone and escape safely.

The referee dealt a strong blow to Majors, who was… On the verge of stardom in Hollywood Until his arrest in March, his career deteriorated.

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