April 16, 2024

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Justice suspends action against Catalan leader Carlos Puigdemont until a European end

Carlos Puigdemont Can he continue to escape
Justice Spanish? For nearly four years Madrid continued to declare treason and fraud and the abortion of freedom
CataloniaThe former mayor of Girona appeared before judges of the Safari Court of Appeal in Sardinia on Monday.

He was arrested on September 23 when he arrived at the Alghero airport to attend a Catalan cultural festival. He was later released the next day and promised to appear for trial on Monday. The three judges of the Court of Appeal have finally decided … to wait until the appeals brought by the defense of Carlos Puigdemont before the European Court of Justice are successful.

Deported for four years

MEP since 2019 opposes Fuchsmont surrender request and seeks to regain its immunity as an MEPSpain. The European Parliament lost immunity to him by his majority vote on March 9, which was confirmed by the General Court on July 30.
European union. But the decision of the European Parliament is being appealed and the final verdict on eligibility has not yet been handed down.

“It has been four years since we were deported” in Belgium, the Catalan president recalled during a press conference in Alghero, the only Italian city of Catalan culture and language. “Since then, I have had to face three different jurisdictions in Belgium, Germany and Italy”, he was arrested under a European arrest warrant issued by Madrid and later released. Each time, he said, “Spain has failed in its political objectives.”

The crime of treason does not appear in Italian criminal law, which would potentially complicate the extradition process. His arrest in Italy caused a stir in Spain as well, as the relationship between Madrid and Barcelona was pardoned in June and the first nine separatist leaders were jailed in the 2017 secession attempt. “This is enough time. Stop looking for a political solution, not a just solution to this conflict,” Puigdemont concluded in Sardinia.

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