June 13, 2024

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Kim Jong Un sent a message to you saying that Joe Biden was “preparing” for a North Korean nuclear test

Kim Jong Un sent a message to you saying that Joe Biden was “preparing” for a North Korean nuclear test

From Seoul, the US president wanted to make it clear that Washington is open to talks with North Korea.

U.S. President Joe Biden said in Seoul on Sunday.ReadyIt may be subjected to a nuclear test by North Korea, but shortly before leaving for Japan, Kim Jong Un reaffirmed its openness to converse with you in a private message. “We are ready for what North Korea can do“He told himself.”no worryIn order to withstand a possible nuclear test.

When asked by a reporter if North Korean leader Kim Jong Un had any news for him, the president gave a laconic answer: “Hello. Period“A way to let Washington know that it is still open to dialogue with North Korea, even if not mutually exclusive.

The opposite one “Nuclear weapons attack

Joe Biden left South Korea for Japan on Sunday afternoon, the second leg of his first Asian tour as another top US ally and president in the region. In Seoul, he met with pro-American Conservative Eun Suk-yol, who came to power in early May. The two leaders talked about intensifying their joint military exercises.Sword soundsKim Jong Un by you.

President Yoon noted the “position of the United States” in his country.Strategic mechanisms“Resist”A nuclear attack“. These algorithms should be includedWarplanes and missiles, unlike in the past, we thought only of the nuclear umbrella for prevention.“, He noted.

The deployment of such weapons or the intensification of joint military exercises risks angering Pyongyang.

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