May 18, 2024

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Kovit 19. The study suggests that the risk of recurrence in Omigron is 5.4 times higher than in Delta.

Study of Imperial College London The risk of recurrence with the Omigron variant is 5.4 times higher than the delta variant, Reuters news agency reported Friday.

And according to this study, there is currently no evidence that Omicron is less intense than Delta. It is therefore not possible at this stage to conclude that Omigron is less “dangerous” than Delta.

“We found no evidence that the severity of Omigran was different than that of Delta,” the study said, only for hospitalized or symptomatic cases.

According to Imperial College, Govt infection protection against Omigran variant is only 19%.

Omicron is a serious and immediate threat to public health

The researchers also studied the risks of developing Omicron symptoms even after vaccination with two or three doses: comparing their results with the reported efficacy rates against the delta variant, they concluded that the effectiveness of two doses of Pfizer or AstraZeneca was only 0-20. %, And 55-80% for the third dose.

“This study again demonstrates how Omicron avoids immunity provided by infection or complete immunization,” the researchers wrote in a statement. “Omicron is a serious and immediate threat to public health.”

The data range for this study was limited to 332,000 PCR trials in the United Kingdom between November 29 and December 11, with 122,062 for the delta variant and 1,846 for the omigron variant.

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