April 19, 2024

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Live – Govit-19 – Variation Omigron: Most cases are “mild”, says European Pharmaceuticals Agency

+ 25% trials in a week

Between November 29 and December 5, 2021, about 5.3 million trials were conducted, an increase of almost 25% over the previous week, during which 4 million trials were recorded, according to the Department of Research, Research, Statistics and Statistics. In (DREES) A statement.

However, it notes that “the share of tests tested within 24 hours is slightly lower”: the share of antigenic tests reached 54.9% last week, up from 52.3%, while tests performed within 24 hours were checked. It has dropped from 97% to 96% from the previous week.

“This decrease is mainly due to RT-PCR tests (92% were checked within 24 hours this week, up from 93% in the previous week),” notes the Directorate of Research, Studies, Assessment and Statistics.

With the extension of the Health Pass, the exams (PCR and antigens) reached a record high of 5.7 million in the week of August 9, and then on August 16. It slowed to 5.1 million at the end of August and 4.6 million at the beginning of September.

Since March 1, 2020, about 180 million antigen and RT-PCR tests have been performed, Trees continues.

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