June 26, 2024

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Live – Kiev is surrounded by: Follow the news of the war in Ukraine

Ukrainians between the ages of 18 and 60 can no longer leave the country

Following the announcement of a general mobilization to thwart the Russian invasion, Ukrainian men between the ages of 18 and 60 were not allowed to leave the country.

They will not be allowed to cross the country’s border, the head of Liv’s Customs announced in a message on Facebook.

‘Bomb blast all night, we could not sleep’: French foreigner describes night violence in Kiev

Horror night. Mohamed ElBrahmin is a French engineer in Kiev. Like those living in the Ukrainian capital, he spent the night listening to Russian shelling:

“The bombings all night, we could not sleep, it was violent. I saw the bombings from my window and what was happening was horrible,” he testified on BFMTV, reporting the “very dangerous situation.”

The French foreigner explains that there is not enough security and he is trying to leave his apartment to reach a shelter.

“It’s a terrible worry, we tell ourselves it will happen at any moment. We expect the worst, every second it falls on us, we are handed over to our destiny,” says Mohamed Elbrahmin.

He was injured in a shelling attack overnight in Kiev for 3 months

Sirens sounded at dawn in Kiev. The capital of Ukraine has been targeted by new bombings. According to Mayor Vitaly Klitschko, at least three people were injured in the attack, and one is in critical condition.

“According to preliminary data, three people were injured and one of them is in critical condition. As a result of the rocket crash in a residential building on 7-A, Kozis Street, ambulances take people to the hospital” All emergency services work on site. The building is on fire and there is a threat of destruction “, He announced on Twitter

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Macron announced that he was accelerating the deployment of French troops in Romania

President Emmanuel Macron spoke late into the night at the conclusion of an exceptional EU summit in Brussels from Thursday to Friday. He noted that France would expedite the deployment of troops in Romania within NATO’s framework in response to the Russian military’s invasion of Ukraine.

“France will continue to fully fulfill its role of assuring NATO allies by sending a new delegation to Estonia into the advanced forward presence, with a view to participating in the Baltic Sky patrols from March and expediting deployment in Romania.” French President.

Ukraine condemns Russian missile strike on Kiev this Friday morning

The head of Ukrainian diplomacy condemned the Russian missiles that struck Kiev at dawn on Friday, injuring at least three people, the day after the Russian invasion of the country began.

“Terrible Russian missile attack on Kiev. The last time our capital was hit by such an incident was in 1941 by Nazi Germany. Ukraine has defeated this monster and will defeat an -ci,” Dmitro Coleba said in a statement. His Twitter account.

Zhelensky ordered a general mobilization and regrets that Ukraine was “left alone”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zhelensky spoke on Thursday evening and announced a general military mobilization to counter the Russian invasion of the country, which began the same morning, according to an order issued on the Ukrainian presidential website.

According to the text, the measure applies to those subject to “military compulsion and reservation” and within 90 days in all Ukrainian regions.

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The leader lamented that Kiev had “left him alone” in the face of the Russian military.

“Who is ready to fight with us? I do not see anyone. Who is ready to offer NATO membership guarantees to Ukraine? Everyone is afraid,” he denounced in a video address posted on the account of the President of Ukraine.

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