February 27, 2024

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Video – Govit-19: Quebec influencers’ “unacceptable” trip to Mexico

“Ostrogoths on Vacation” – Dozens of Quebec influencers are currently stranded in Mexico after a party organized on a flight in violation of health and safety rules.

Excitement in Canada. On December 30, a flight from the Canadian company Sunwing – with dozens of influencers and participants in Quebec reality shows – “Quickly left hand”, Say local media including The Journal of Montreal. According to pictures posted on post and social networks, passengers on the flight between Montreal and Cancun began to smoke, drink and engage in sexual activity. All without a mask or physical break, especially in a tense health environment. The refugees and staff in the back of the plane, for their part, experienced a real test.

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Corona virus: an earthquake that infects the earth

The event, which was widely publicized across the Atlantic, sparked intense controversy in Canada, where the government recently tightened health restrictions. Also, people were paralyzed inside their homes for the New Year, and many were forbidden to get up. “When the aimless mob [une bande d’idiots] Decides to go on vacation like astrologers, which is very frustrating and depressing., Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was ousted. “It is unacceptable for people to endanger not only other passengers, but also other airline workers and their fellow citizens.”, He insisted. “I can tell you that Transport Canada and the Government of Canada are taking this very seriously. We will follow up to find out how it went.”, A native of Ottawa insists.

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The perpetrators are trapped in Mexico

The main tour operator defended himself on social media, he claimed “Although Mexican authorities do not require a negative PCR test to enter the country, all passengers are tested in Montreal to ensure safe travel”. Just then, one of the passengers admitted that he had a Govt-19 infection before boarding the plane. As a result, to date, more than thirty participants have been affected.

Faced with the scale of the controversy, the airline has decided to cancel the scheduled return flight scheduled for January 5th. The other two carriers, Air Canada and Air Transat, also refused to confirm the repatriation of influencers still stranded in Mexico for security reasons.

Air safety is at stake

Beyond the health aspect, the delights also endangered the safety of the aircraft. “The plane is mass-balanced like a scales. Suddenly if you put all the passengers in front, it tilts and puts its nose down. Instead, if you put all the passengers towards the plane. ‘In the back, the device becomes uncontrollable as the nose goes up in the air”, “he said. Jean Cerrod, an aviation expert and former Boeing 747 pilot, explained to TF1. Many spectators were surprised to see the inaction of the Sunwing staff. “Continuing the journey without interruption is amazing”Mehran Ebrahimi, director of the Aeronautics and Civil Aviation Observatory, points out that in the comments made by Courier International. “Pilots return less than that or make an emergency landing”, He is making progress.

The investigation is open to shed light on the case and understand how the theft escalated to this level. Offenders can be fined several thousand euros, especially for endangering the lives of others.

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With an average of more than 36,000 new daily cases in Canada in recent days, Canada has recently tightened its health restrictions, especially on unvaccinated people. Until January 18, the purchase of alcohol and cannabis will be conditional on the issuance of a vaccine passport in Quebec.. “I think the first purpose is to control contact and the second is to protect them from them.”Quebec Health Minister Christian Dupe justified. “If they do not want to be vaccinated, we will make sure they understand that they will be at home,” he said. He insists. The Canadian federal government has decided to deny unemployment benefits to the unemployed by refusing to vaccinate. In many provinces, control measures – closed schools and public spaces, restricted private gatherings – have been restored.

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