July 22, 2024

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Video – “This is the worst day of my life”: First day without Americans in Kabul

Video – “This is the worst day of my life”: First day without Americans in Kabul

Report – Americans have now left Afghanistan, leaving thousands of Afghans wanting to escape the Taliban’s yoke. Our special correspondent, Liseron Boudoul, describes this first day without them.

Today, the militants pay tribute to our Special Rapporteur Lyseron Paul. A first. The Taliban are happy because now the airport belongs to them. Inside, they prevent a woman from reaching Darshala with her son. She struggles to board a plane. But not anymore.

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The airport looks like a war zone, with American vehicles and hundreds of shell casings on the ground. Then a Taliban leader approached our correspondent. “You know the Americans destroyed thousands of guns and a lot of equipment at the airport. It’s in bad condition, it’s not working for ten or two weeks.”, He promises.

“The Taliban treat us like animals”

Taliban special forces will control the airport 24 hours a day. Suddenly the sound of gunfire was heard. Our journalists are asked to leave the campus. Security is still weak. Then they go to a famous district of Kabul.

Esmatullah, the owner of the computer store, was delighted that the Americans had left. “This is a beautiful day! It is the Americans who have created this tension and insecurity for so many years, they have occupied our country. I hope the Islamic Emirate will take matters into its own hands.”, He says.

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In fact, the Islamic Emirate frightens the majority of the population. A computer science student agreed to testify with a dim face in front of our camera. She was completely scared. “Today is the worst day of my life. The Taliban treat us like animals, especially women. I can not continue to live like this under their rule. I sometimes want to commit suicide. I can no longer take it.”, She cries. Like her, many Kabulis fear that a brutal regime will return to the Afghan capital with no more foreign powers.

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