May 18, 2024

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London lifts restrictions on July 19, despite increased pollution linked to delta variation

The country is facing a new eruption of Covit-19 pollution, especially due to delta variation.

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For now, the deconfinement scheme has not changed. New British Health Minister Sajid Javed has maintained the government’s target of lifting the deadline on Monday, June 28, with the last restrictions on dealing with the corona virus in the UK still in place.

Health officials are concerned, however. After several months of decline, the epidemic has intensified in recent weeks, with more than 22,000 new cases reported on Monday. This eruption is due to delta variation, which is highly contagious and dominant in the UK. This mutation, which has been identified in India, has already postponed the removal of the last restrictions scheduled for June 21 by one month.

“We see no reason to go beyond July 19.” In maintaining the last restraint, Sajid Javed said in his first speech to MPs as health minister. The weekend was marked by the resignation of his predecessor Matt Hancock, who admitted to violating health restrictions after the press revealed an affair with a consultant.

“No date” Will not be with one “Zero risk” Regarding Govt-19, “We know we can not get rid of it. We have to live with it.”, Added Sajid Javed. The government, which launched an intensive vaccination campaign in December by July 19, aims to vaccinate two-thirds of adults. Currently, 62% of them are fully vaccinated.

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