July 24, 2024

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Washington calls on its allies to repatriate their Dash fighters

Washington calls on its allies to repatriate their Dash fighters

The thorny question of imprisoned Europeans Syria, Put it back on the table. At the meeting of the Coalition against
Dash In Rome on Monday, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken called on US allies to repatriate detainees. The U.S. estimates that 10,000 suspected militants of the terrorist group have been detained in western Syria by Kurdish militants.

“This situation is simply unacceptable. It cannot continue indefinitely,” he said Anthony Blink. “The United States continues to urge countries, including allied partners, to repatriate, rehabilitate and prosecute their citizens where appropriate,” he said.

Italy and Kazakhstan greeted

France and Great Britain, two of America’s closest allies, launched by the administration of former President Donald Trump, have major opposition to calls for the return of their citizens. Both of these countries, marked by bloody terrorist attacks, are very reluctant to bring home militants.

Anthony Blingen praised Italy, One of the few Western European countries sending these fighters back. He also praised the efforts of Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan, which has brought back 600 militants and their families by putting them on rehabilitation programs. Italian Foreign Minister Luigi de Mayo has called for the creation of a new task force to deal with the “growing threat from ISIS in Africa.”

63,000 wives and children of captured militants

According to Human Rights Watch in March, Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces have detained more than 63,000 wives and children of suspected Dash militants from more than 60 countries in two barbed wire camps.

Dash lost all parts of Syria and Iraq, where he once ruled a large, self-proclaimed caliphate marked by brutal propaganda against religious minorities and women. Ministers from the 83-member anti-Dash coalition, mostly states, met on Monday for the first time since February 2019.

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