June 13, 2024

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“Luck Nut Challenge” is Dictok’s new ultra-dangerous challenge

Dictoc is known for its challenges, but some are very dangerous and should not be reproduced.

The TicTac application is now known to everyone. After a tumultuous start, Bite Dance’s ownership is slowly creating a place in the bihomots of social networking sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. With over a billion users, The whole content of the application, more or less interesting, entertaining or dangerous. This is especially true for many people Challenges This can often pose a risk to the health of the person making the challenge.

For example, The Tight Pot Challenge Caused a stir a few months ago, putting as much detergent soap in his mouth as possible. You do not have to be a competent doctor to know that this is a terrible idea and the health risks that result from it are bad; Appearance for children and adolescents in particular, often for all kinds of challenges.

Very dangerous challenge

This time, and perhaps even worse, the challenge is not on you. The “Luck Nut Challenge” puts the driver in danger of taking the wheel of a vehicle bomb without rolling the wheels of a vehicle before taking the rest of the pictures. Removing a car wheel is completely illegal and making such a challenge can be severely punished by law.

Aside from the obvious material risks (the wheel may break, the entire transmission may be damaged, parallel, etc.), these challenges may also have human consequences. Properly loosened car bolts will make the wheel fall within a few meters, so there will be no time to pick up the speed of the car, which will not endanger the life or death of the driver.

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But if the bolts are screwed in half, the wheel will not come out of its axle immediately, giving the driver time to reach a certain speed before the wheel moves, and an unavoidable accident will not occur. Despite the warnings from users, they have decided to react in the face of the ever-increasing risk of this challenge. There have been videos of creators asking their viewers to check the wheels of their car before getting behind the wheel, especially when it is parked in a public car park, accessible to everyone, such as shopping malls or downtown.

Report, the only solution to these challenges

If this new challenge is not yet widely known in France, we can only advise you to report videos of this style if anything is found in the application. Like all social networks Dictoc is occupied by this kind of challenge. But where Facebook, Instagram and Snapshot Very harsh, these videos are censored very quickly, it seems that the Chinese application takes longer to react, allowing thousands of views to be generated before they disappear.