February 27, 2024

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Millions of Russians were ordered to surrender their passports to authorities

Millions of Russians were ordered to surrender their passports to authorities

Starting Monday, December 11, millions of Russians already leaving the border must voluntarily surrender their passports to the responsible authorities. “Security” of the document. Those affected by the order, which was passed on November 22, now have five days to comply with the ban, even if those who fail to do so are not held criminally liable.

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Since 2014 and the annexation of Crimea, measures prohibiting or restricting exit from the territory have been gradually strengthened. They concern different segments of the population: those prosecuted or convicted; Those with outstanding debts or fines; members of the security services; or even senior officers, who must obtain special authorization and are advised to avoid “Unfriendly Countries”

Therefore, with this obligation to surrender their external passport (as opposed to the “internal passport” which has served as an identity card since the Soviet era), they are subject to an additional restriction. Non-compliers can nevertheless view a document seized during a border crossing attempt. Enough to inspire fear of a country walling itself off behind its borders, as in the days of the Soviet Union.

Useful during mobilization

New categories of young men between the ages of 18 and 30 receiving summonses for military service as part of the “partial” mobilization order announced on September 21, 2022, and bringing recruits to recruitment offices, are now under concern. Troops. It would be useful to keep their passports during the new wave of mass mobilization to prevent them from leaving, including those invited for simple reasons. “Checks”. The threat is even more serious as the law now requires that the summons must be served in writing or electronically from the moment it is sent.

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It is difficult to estimate the total number of people who have lost their passports, some of which are secret, but it is in the millions. Members of the security forces are estimated at around five million. On the other hand, the number of people barred from leaving for unpaid debts or fines is public, and stands at seven million.

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Approved systems “Way” Passports issued (under unspecified conditions) by the Ministry of the Interior, the Security Services (FSB), the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and their representatives abroad. Under another law adopted in May, the same systems have the right to confiscate a passport if an officer deems it invalid, for example if personal data entered has changed or a page is damaged – but also if the document has changed. “Not fit for further use”A particularly vague formula.

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