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Olympic Games 2022 – Beijing opens its Games, French athletes advance to V victory

V. for Success. Is a gold fifteen day pioneer symbol for France? The blue delegation left its mark at the opening ceremony of the XXIV Olympic Winter Games in Beijing this Friday. The French team, led by Tessa Worley and Kevin Roland, proudly carried the blue-white-red flag and adopted the V-shape to enter the vast ice ring of Knit D’Bird. Lasting more than two hours and overall relaxing, the ceremony ended with the traditional lighting of the Olympic flame set on a giant snowflake.

“It’s the beginning of spring”: The opening ceremony began with a magical painting

Beijing 2022

The bearer of the Samoan flag wore a cold Beijing shirt!

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Already leading the lavish and very spectacular ceremony of the 2008 Beijing Summer Games, Zhang Yimo promised a less dazzling debut this time around. The Chinese director kept his word. With the celebration of the “beginning of spring”, the show opened in a timeless manner, with long green sticks swaying in the wind in the massive snow ring of the enclosure.

The 91 nations representing 2,874 athletes began their march after qualifying for the Olympics. Greece, as tradition dictates, is the host country, followed by China. And in the middle, at the 47th place of the procession, one of the strongest images of this opening ceremony was France and its Vs.

No cauldron, but the Olympic flame mounted on a large snowflake: Update the lucky moment

After all the flags were waved, a rain of scales fell on the ring, including the name of each participating country. 91 small snowflakes combined to form a large iceberg. It was in this symbol of unity, at the end of Beijing night, at the beginning of the Games announced by Chinese President Xi Jinping, that the Olympic flame was placed at all temperance.

This honor was bestowed not on one, but on the last two astrologers. Two lesser-known Chinese athletes, Zhao Jiawen and cross-country skier Dinijir Yilamjiang, were born in 2001. Thus ended this opening ceremony. After the show, now is the time for the game!

Beijing 2022

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Beijing 2022

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