May 21, 2024

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11 sailors were rescued safely

Eleven crew members of the Mauritius ship “Tresta Star”, which sank off the coast of Saint-Philippe on Thursday night, were rescued by firefighters and rescued safely on dry land, after a six-hour intervention. Conditions with Patchirai.

The Mauritian tanker, which made landfall in Saint-Philippe at 9pm on Thursday, February 3, took more than six hours to rescue the entire crew of the “Tresta Star”.

The 11 sailors are safe and healthy and were all able to return to dry land early this Friday, February 4th. The rescue operation carried out by the firefighters proved to be particularly subtle.

Rescue of Tresta Star survivors

© Lois Musart

GRIMP firefighters were mobilized

First, the ship is between the tip of the trombone and the tip of the brulee, as half of the 2007 flow is embedded in the rocks. Then, of course, the northern coast of Reunion was linked to the effects of Hurricane Patsyroy due to the harsh weather.

Despite the rain, wind and swelling of 7 to 8 meters, GRIMP, the firefighter of the Hazardous Environmental Intervention Team, was able to board the ship and communicate with the crew.

GRIMP974 Team After Tresta Star Recovered

GRIMP974 Team After Tresta Star Recovered

© Lois Musart

There are still 2km of “Gratans” to walk

It was necessary to pledge 11 sailors and protect them, then unload them one by one from the boat, using a saddle. Not to mention that the survivors do not know the French language, a time consuming operation. But this Friday at 4am, they all left the ship.

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It is now time to bring back those who were hanged Volcano Road where firefighters set up an operational PC at about 10 a.m. Thursday. Rescue crews set up a lifeline between the ship and their post, so they had to walk more than two kilometers on “gradons” to find their way.

After a 2km hike in Coulee 2007's Grotons, firefighters are preparing to replace the 11 survivors of the shipwreck as soon as they arrive on Rn2.

After a 2km hike in Coulee 2007’s Grotons, firefighters are preparing to replace the 11 survivors of the shipwreck as soon as they arrive on Rn2.

© Lois Musart

A total of 47 firefighters were mobilized

Eleven sailors, mostly barefoot, were escorted by firefighters with suits, blankets and particularly suitable shoes. They brought them food and drink.

Once they come into operational command post, survivors will be examined by SDIS medical teams before being transferred to the Tremblet Accommodation Center.

A total of 47 firefighters are involved in the rescue effort. In addition to the SDIS teams, Gendermary has also been mobilized, especially members of the Mountain Rescue Force (PGHM) and GIGN.

Authorities said there was no risk of pollution

In the evening, an attempt was made to prevent the ship from landing at the tip of the tremble, but was unsuccessful. Authorities quickly confirmed the risk of pollution.

This tanker goes empty“Foreign Minister Sebastien Lekorn had already stated this on his Twitter account last night.”So there is no risk of severe marine pollution by hydrocarbons at this stage“.

An espionage mission at dawn

The provincial council provided further details during the night from Thursday to Friday: “The ship is not carrying any materials and has less than 8m3 of propulsion diesel (light and vapor), most of which must be dispersed without great risk to the environment.“.

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A team of experts (French Navy, DMSOI, STIS and Gendermary) will be engaged in daytime armed reconnaissance in order to report on the situation. It is necessary to determine how the ship will be ejected from the trumpet rock.

“Tresta Star” is a tanker used to transport petroleum products. It is 74 meters long and 16 meters wide. Built in 2019, its loading capacity is 2,924 tons.