May 21, 2024

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Palestinians killed in Israeli shelling in the West Bank

A Palestinian was killed in Israeli gunfire in the West Bank on Saturday (July 3), the Palestinian Ministry of Health said in an IDF description. “Violent Conflict” Between Palestinians and Jewish settlers.

Mohammed Fareed Hassan was killed in his 20s in his village of Khusra near Naples, and two others were injured, the ministry said.

Without commenting directly on the information, the IDF said it had intervened “Violent conflict between dozens of Palestinians and Israeli settlers near the village of Khusra (…) At the time, both parties were throwing stones at each other. ”.

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The IDF says Israel has carried out attacks on targets in the Gaza Strip in recent days, following the launch of fire balloons from a Palestinian base and causing fires in Israel.

The IDF said Israeli militants were targeting a Hamas-owned weapons and rocket launcher manufacturing base. Witnesses and security sources said that no casualties were immediately reported in the western and northern Gaza Strip.

Strikes and fire balloons continue

On Thursday, four small fires caused by fire balloons sent from Gaza were brought under control in the Eshkol region.

Israel has carried out nighttime airstrikes in Gaza, according to security sources in Hamas, the Islamist movement in power in the Palestinian stronghold. Israel said it was targeting Hamas training sites.

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On June 18, the Israeli air force bombed 2 million people in Palestinian territory.

A weak ceasefire ended the eleven-day war between Israel and Hamas from May 10-21. 260 Palestinians were killed in the clashes, including militants, local officials said. In Israel, a rocket fire from Gaza killed 13 people, including a soldier, police and the military said.

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