April 14, 2024

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Pete Alonso HBP on his right hand

Pete Alonso HBP on his right hand

SAN DIEGO — The Mets lost two of their starting line-up players Tuesday night, including arguably their most valuable early season player, when Alonso’s house And the Starling Mart He left the match against Padres due to injury.

San Diego’s Yo Darvish hit three of the Mets’ first five hitter, including Alonso, who took a 96-mph diver off his right hand while trying to check his swing during his second-half appearance. Alonso immediately fell to the ground in pain and walked off the field without hesitation. He headed to the club for an X-ray, which was negative.

After half a run, Marty left the match at Petco Park. He came in limp after being caught stealing in the early moments of the match. Although Marte did return to playing defending the bottom of the first, he slowly walked off the field after that inning and never came back for the second time. The Mets later announced that he left due to a tight left quadriceps muscle.

The Mets cannot afford a prolonged absence from either player, but especially not Alonso, the most productive producer during the first third of the season.

Alonso appeared in the first 57 games played by the Mets, and he had curved line from .282/.360/.546. His 16 teammates have been tied for the top spot in the National League, while 54 of his RBI peers have been at the top.

Shortly thereafter, Mark Kanha replaced Mart in the right field. After a slow start, Marte has been on fire in recent weeks, scoring 0.313 with 15 additional key strokes in 30 games since the start of May.